AgCelence® Success Stories

Users of AgCelence® products often have remarkable stories that demonstrate totally new approaches to value creation in agricultural production. Our success stories illustrate how agricultural insights and enhanced product performance can be combined to achieve excellence on the farm and in the field.


The success stories are categorized into two themes:

  • Stories about the creative use of technology highlight the unconventional use of products, a compound, an active ingredient or R&D breakthroughs.
  • In the connecting the dots category, we demonstrate our ability to point out new opportunities based on the insights into the needs and dynamics of the agricultural value chain.

Creative use of technology

What if AgCelence® products could grow market potential with exports around the world?


» Our data show a clear advantage in crops treated with AgCelence®, indicating superior quality upon arrival in distant export markets. «
Grape exporter, Chile

Product: Bellis®
Country: Chile
Especially interesting for: farmers in South America

What if AgCelence® products could improve industry food processing?


» For me, AgCelence® means that my tomatoes don’t just look good. They’re of highest quality. That’s why I don’t just sell them around here, but to food processors around the world. «
Tomato Farmer, Brazil

Product: Cabrio Top®, Cantus®
Country: Spain
Especially interesting for: farmers in Europe, South America and Asia

Connecting the dots

What if AgCelence® products could increase harvesting speed?

» Using AgCelence® products, I can cut harvest time by 55 hours and save 40% on operational cost. «
Corn farmer, Canada

Product: Headline®
Country: Canada
Especially interesting for: markets with modern machinery
Similar values can be experienced in: cotton in India

What if AgCelence® products could improve farm efficiency and the quality of livestock feed?

» I focus on full development of the cobs for maximum starch and energy for my cows. It’s bringing me flexibility for harvest, and even better structure of silage. «
Livestock farmer, Denmark

Product: Opera®
Country:  Denmark
Especially interesting for: farmers in South America and Europe
Similar values can be experienced in: livestock in Costa Rica

What if AgCelence® products could enable farming communities to grow enough food to feed a nation’s entire population?

» With AgCelence® I can count on bigger yields and higher quality produce. «
Rice farmer, Indonesia

Product: Seltima®
Country: Indonesia
Especially interesting for: farmers in Asia, South America and Europe

Success stories brochure

This brochure contains a collection of the most important and interesting stories that give a deeper insight into the world of AgCelence®.

AgCelence® – Benefits

AgCelence® products provide a range of physiological benefits: Higher yield, better stress tolerance, increased production efficiency and improved marketable quality.

AgCelence® – Achieve Excellence In The Field

Agriculture is constantly facing new challenges: rising production costs, higher environmental protection standards and increasing demands in global food production and processing.

AgCelence® – Questions And Answers

Find here the answers to questions concerning AgCelence®.