Agricultural Films

With the aid of agricultural plastics, growers can secure and significantly increase produced output per hectare while enhancing crop quality. The wide range of plasticulture applications includes greenhouse, mulch and silage stretch films, silage sheets, drip irrigation pipes, nettings, nonwovens and many more.

Soil-biodegradable mulch films for a sustainable food production

ecovio® Mulch film with Lettuce

BASF’s certified soil-biodegradable biopolymer ecovio® M2351 was especially developed for mulch films used in agriculture and horticulture to increase the yield, speed up harvesting as well as to save water and herbicides. Its big advantage: It is certified soil-biodegradable according to EN17033. This means that mulch films made of the biopolymer ecovio® M2351 are completely and biologically degraded by microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that exist naturally in the soil.

Farmers can simply plough the mulch films made of ecovio® M 2351 back into the ground after harvest. This saves time and money - and it helps to avoid persistent microplastic in agricultural soil which would occur, if farmers used conventional mulch films made of non-biodegradable polyethylene (PE). Thus certified soil-biodegradable mulch films made of ecovio® M2351 contribute to sustainable agriculture and food production.

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