In these challenging times

Let's stay strong



Working together for sustainable agriculture and healthy environments

Dear friends, 


I hope that you, your family and loved ones are well.


The Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has hit us all on a global scale - in our private lives, at work, as humans, as citizens. Healthcare, safety and ensuring the availability of food are of the utmost importance and I applaud the efforts of everyone who is working tirelessly to protect and feed people around the world. Farmers on every continent are at the frontline of providing the world with safe and nutritious produce. The BASF team is proud to work with them, and with partners and colleagues across the agricultural industry who are making this happen. Let’s be grateful for farming and recognize how important agriculture is for our well-being.


To all the farmers and everyone involved in ensuring a stable food supply: Thank you! We will stand by your side and support you.


We are working hard to continue to provide you with the tools you need to manage your farm. I am absolutely convinced that the more the pandemic requires us to keep our distance from one another, the closer together we will become in a spirit of mutual understanding, support and solidarity.


Let’s stay strong together.




Vincent Gros
President BASF Agricultural Solutions

For the latest information on xarvio FIELD MANAGER and the availability in your country please follow the link below

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