Digital Farming Tools – Increasing Productivity and Promoting Sustainable Practices

As different as the types of agriculture and the philosophies of individual farms may be, each season farmers are faced with the challenge of using their resources economically, protecting their crops and running their farms competitively in the long term.

Personalized agronomic knowledge for the new codes of “good professional practice”

It doesn’t matter which factors influence agriculture throughout the year: for every farm, the foundation of a good yield is early information and optimal seasonal planning.


BASF's digital solutions support agricultural enterprises on several levels. Scientifically based data and predictive models are available for seasonal planning and individual recommendations for plant protection are made promptly on demand. This makes processes more efficient, saves resources and minimizes the risk of economic losses.

Controlling digital processes with mobile devices

BASF's Digital Tools - Connect smarter

In many regions of the world, the applications from our digital portfolio are already available or in the testing phase with farmers. Our portfolio currently comprises tools designed to provide agronomic forecasts for sound decision-making and to develop comprehensive seasonal plans in partnership with the farmer. These tools simplify the daily routine of farmers throughout the whole year and contribute to yield optimization. 

BASF’s digital tools are unique in the market. Not only are they backed by an enormous knowledge base derived from more than 100 years of agricultural and plant protection research, they also transform this into agronomic knowledge via the experience and know-how of various experts. Our digital portfolio is based on more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation and interpretation of agronomic data.


This means that users of our digital tools can access valuable and verified knowledge at any time. Drawing on a variety of collated and processed data, every single farmer can generate up-to-date insights and recommendations for actions that are beneficial to them, their business and their crops.


It is not just young and tech-savvy farmers or large companies with widely automated processes who are using BASF’s digital tools. Smaller companies that want to use future-oriented technologies with minimal investment will find it especially beneficial. To start using our digital tools, all that’s needed is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. 

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