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xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions is leading the digital transformation of agriculture, optimizing crop production. Its products use an advanced crop modelling platform to provide independent, timely and field-specific agronomic advice. xarvio’s proven technology consistently delivers measurable benefits for farmers, helping them to produce crops more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.

The innovative xarvio® portfolio includes the xarvio® FIELD MANAGER crop optimization platform, which supports farmers from seeding to harvest, and the award winning, outcomes-based solution xarvio® HEALTHY FIELDS.


Simply Smarter Crop Production

A proven approach to optimizing crop production - better profitability, better yield and better input efficiency. Based on 25 years of experience in crop modelling, xarvio FIELD MANAGER is available for your smartphone and as a web application.

xarvio FIELD MANAGER successfully supports farmers in Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Thumbnail xarvio Field Manager
xarvio Field Manager Application on Smartphone

Key Features

  • Field Monitor: Farmers know what is happening in each of their fields, anytime and anywhere.
  • Spray timer: Customized fungicide and insecticide spray recommendations for individual fields based on current in-season risks. Enables the farmer to spray at the right time, with the right dosage, and only when needed.
  • Zone spray: Provides field-zone specific recommendations for the right dosage based on current in-field risk differences. Delivered as variable application maps compatible with all relevant terminals.

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Outcome-based crop protection solution

Get a tailor-made crop protection strategy for your field at the start of the season - delivering you more convenience, greater security and increased peace of mind.

Based on millions of data points and proven agronomic models, xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS guarantees you an agreed level of leaf health or your money back by optimizing application timing, product use and dosage.

Farmer in the field


  • Predictable crop protection at a fixed price
  • Guaranteed healthy fields
  • Optimized application recommendations for individual fields
  • Personal support from the xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS customer service team

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xarvio's unique agronomic logic and intelligence in combination with Bosch high-tech cameras, sensors and software powers ONE SMART SPRAY, smart spraying technology for precision weed management.


Clean fields every time, with maximum herbicide savings

Spray as much as needed, as little as possible.

Precision made smart

ONE SMART SPRAY: Precision Made Smart

This is precision made smart.

  • Superior Precision:

    • High resolution cameras detect weeds and activate nozzles in milliseconds
    • Exceptional Green-on-Green & Green-on-Brown performance
    • >95% application accuracy, comparable to broadcast
    • LED lighting: 24/7 Day & Night spraying
  • Agronomic Intelligence:

    • Customized agronomic recommendations
    • Intelligent sensitivity levels for each crop
  • Digital Tools:

    • Maps for weed coverage, weed size classes and as applied
    • Track your savings in real time
    • Automated documentation & reporting data

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