xarvio™ - Digital Farming

Plan Smarter. Grow Better.

xarvio™ develops digital solutions for crop optimization and the digitalization of agriculture.

The current xarvio™ portfolio is based on two main products – xarvio™ SCOUTING and xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER – and is available in more than 100 countries and 30 languages. Xarvio™ is continuously working on new products and tools.

xarvio™ SCOUTING

Detects in-field problems just by taking a photo.

SCOUTING already supports farmers worldwide with many features.



  • Weed identification: Simple and automatic identification of weeds in seconds.

  • Yellow trap analysis: Easy analysis of yellow insect monitoring traps, detecting both species present and population density.

  • Disease recognition: Automatic diagnosis of plant diseases.

  • Nitrogen recommendation: Estimation of the nitrogen uptake in a crop.

  • Leaf damage detection: Helps to quantify leaf damage.

  • Radar: Gives an overview of what is happening in surrounding areas.

  • Notifications: Sends immediate alerts when diseases or pests are spreading in the area.


The FIELD MANAGER is available as a mobile app and as a PC version in 10 countries across Europe and America.



  • Field Monitor: Farmers know what is happening in each of their fields, anytime and anywhere.

  • Spray timer: Customized fungicide and insecticide spray recommendations for individual fields based on current in-season risks. Enables the farmer to spray at the right time, with the right dosage, and only when needed.

  • Zone spray: Provides field-zone specific recommendations for the right dosage based on current in-field risk differences. Delivered as variable application maps compatible with all relevant terminals.

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