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Improving quality of life for our customers and people worldwide

Parents take their children to visit and admire renewable energy windmills.The green technology industry produces fuel and energy from wind energy.

At BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions, we provide world-class solutions across a wide range of specialized industries. Our goal? To improve quality of life for our customers and people worldwide with chemistry and biology that make a real impact.

We develop ways to reduce nitrogen fertilizer emissions while increasing tree, shrub and flower production. And we’re discovering how to improve turf, plant and soil health while protecting forest habitats and pollinators. We also pioneer solutions to reduce the spread of vector-borne diseases, make railways and roadways safer, support pasture quality for livestock producers, and to protect people’s homes, workplaces and farm buildings from destructive insects and rodents.

What’s more, we do everything in our power to deliver on customers’ unique business needs, all while reinforcing responsible use and putting societal health at the forefront. 

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