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AgCelence® – Benefits

AgCelence® products provide a range of physiological benefits, leading to better plant vitality and stress tolerance, greater efficiency and higher quality and yield.

AgCelence® benefits

AgCelence® offers growers reliable return on crop investment. It also contributes to sustainable farming, represented in better plant vitality and tolerance against stress factors, higher efficiency in crop production and farm operations, and higher marketable quality and yield.


Once planning and input decisions are made, the biggest challenge for growers is to safeguard and optimize yields and quality throughout the growing season. This can be a challenge due to often unpredictable seasonal growing conditions and additional abiotic stress. Growers need the right tools to overcome such abiotic stress factors. AgCelence® products not only enable seeds, seedlings and growing plants to live through periods of stress caused by high levels of humidity, heat, drought, hail, frost or cold. They also increase eco-efficiency by allowing plants to thrive on less water and fertilizer, helping growers drastically reduce production inputs.


BASF AgCelence® products thus lead to higher yield, superior quality, more efficient crop production and better farm operations. The benefits have been shown in various crop trials around the world and verified by ongoing research activities.

Drought and cold are examples of environmental factors which can affect plant growth and development. AgCelence® products use a special mode of action, supporting the plant in defending itself against stress factors by working with its own genetic potential. The plant becomes more stress-tolerant and thus more vital and resilient.

In the increasingly competitive farming sector, everyone is looking to maximize return on investment in crop production. For example, laboratory and field research have demonstrated that AgCelence® products in corn improve stalk strength and reduce lodging. This results in easier and faster harvesting, leading to significant cost savings and more efficient farm management.

Due to the improved vitality and the advantageous effects on plant physiology, plants treated with AgCelence® products have been proven to show superior marketable quality and yield. The improved quality of AgCelence®-treated plants can bring competitive advantages throughout the value chain – from the field to the processing industry and the end-customer market.