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Vegetable Seeds - Shaping The Future Of Vegetables

At BASF, we want to support farmers along the whole value chain – from seed to a successful harvest. BASF is an expert in vegetable seeds and wants to help customers around the globe succeed. This is why we offer a broad portfolio and unique traits that focus on different market situations and consumer’s demands.


  • Best meeting customer’s demands due to close partnership with farmers and scientists
  • Consistent and comprehensive approach along the vegetable value chain from grower to consumer
  • Innovative traits that contribute to high yields for farmers and healthy, tasty and convenient foods for consumers
  • Unique products that help improve customers’ business growth and profitability
  • Hybrid varieties with traits and characteristics that are suited to different climates, growing conditions, and to cultural and consumer preferences, guarantee success for customers around the globe


As BASF’s vegetable seeds business we are responsible for all vegetable seeds activities worldwide from research to after-sales. It is our ambition to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable for people, partners and our planet. We contribute to society with our vegetable solutions we create together with value chain partners.

Product offering

Under the brand Nunhems, high-quality vegetable seeds and expert advice in 24 crops are offered to the professional vegetable production industry and supply chain. With more than 2,000 specialists, it is present in all major vegetable production areas around the globe and dedicated to developing market and consumer-oriented varieties and concepts. With a direct orientation towards customers along the whole value chain and towards sharing value-added genetics, services and expertise to help them succeed.


Product supply

Operations is responsible for the entire process from production to packaging. BASF produces its vegetable seeds globally and has regional processing centers for global sales.


Product concept

With over 1,200 seed varieties in 24 vegetable crops, Nunhems is a world-renowned brand in the hybrid seed industry. The breeding programs deliver innovative products which in turn help improve our customers’ business growth and profitability.

BASF understands that every market is unique. We develop hybrid varieties with traits and characteristics that are suited to different climates, growing conditions, and to cultural and consumer preferences.

Next to the seed varieties and services that BASF offers to growers, we also engage in collaborations with growers, traders, food service providers, fresh-cut companies and retailers.

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