Crop Protection – Innovation For Successful Agriculture

Farming today is more complex than ever before. The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources. To rise to this challenge, farmers need new technologies and solutions.

Working together to overcome challenges and find new solutions is one of BASF’s great strengths, and it’s something we’ve been doing in agriculture for over 100 years. Our employees are in constant contact with farmers and agricultural experts in every region around the globe. They work hard to understand what approaches are required to optimize agricultural production, increase farm profitability and improve the quality of life for a growing world population.

As a leading company in the crop protection industry, we have a broad portfolio of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, seed treatments and pest control products. In addition, we also provide biological crop protection products and solutions for improving plant health as well as nutrient management in the soil. With our digital services, we help farmers to manage and interpret a wide range of farm and field related information more efficiently, for better crop management decisions.

BASF has a long heritage of being a reliable partner to farmers. We believe that farming is the biggest job on earth. 

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BASF in Agriculture – Finding the Right Balance for Success

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