Working Together To Beat Malaria

For half of our world, every day is a fight against malaria. This devastating disease causes sickness and death, reduces productivity, fuels poverty and creates hunger, especially in impoverished, rural farming communities. We will connect the smartest minds in public health and science to be a force for change. I am truly optimistic that we can be the generation to end malaria.

Saori Dubourg, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE

Collaborating to combat insecticide resistance

BASF, MedAccess and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced an agreement to facilitate the supply of 35 million Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets to countries where insecticide resistance is hindering the fight against malaria. The four-year agreement accelerates access to this innovative new mosquito-control technology to communities with the greatest needs.

Agricultural Industry Unites Against Malaria

BASF and the world's leading crop protection companies are collaborating in a commitment called "ZERO by 40" to support the research, development and supply of innovative products to save lives and help eradicate malaria by 2040.

8 Million Nets In Mali

In times of crisis, preventing malaria helps to protect fragile health systems. In Mali, our partner PSI distributed nearly 8 million Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets in the midst of the pandemic – protecting one-third of the population before the rainy season. 

Our partnership stories and shared commitment to combating vector-borne disease


Behind The Scenes

BASF scientist visits the Interceptor® G2 production site as a new generation of mosquito net is manufactured.

The New Nets Project

More than two million Interceptor® G2 nets will be trialled in African regions with insecticide resistance.

Making A Real Difference

Walter Zwick has spent decades working with smallholders in Cambodia.

Stopping Malaria At The Border

With help from BASF, Namibia’s northern border regions have a chance to rid themselves of malaria.

Nigerian girl

Scientific Breakthrough

Game-changing new mosquito net, Interceptor® G2, receives WHO recommendation.

The Colour Of Hope

From 19th century dyestuff to future malaria medication.

Mosquitoes, Malaria And Agriculture

Devastating effects for farmers and their farms.

Guinea Worm Cases Reach Historic Low

Only 28 cases worldwide.