BioSolutions – Natural based alternatives to conventional crop protection developed to combat challenges in modern agriculture

There is an ever-increasing demand on growers and farmers to produce high-quality, environmentally conscious, sustainable products. So, what can we do to help them?

BioSolutions by BASF is a big part of the answer. Our products help farmers and growers find the right balance between efficacy and sustainability.

By offering a wide range of alternatives to protect crops against pests and diseases, we can overcome these challenges through effective, sustainable, biological control.

What is biological control?

Biological control is the use of living organisms and substances derived from nature to manage pests and diseases, improve crop protection management and support plants throughout their life cycle. This means introducing the likes of bio fungicides, bio insecticides, bio seed treatments, beneficial nematodes, and agricultural pheromones as part of an integrated pest management program to create natural partnerships which keep harmful pests and diseases from destroying crops.

Those have several advantages when used on their own or alongside conventional crop protection methods:

  • Due to their positive environmental profile biologicals are safe for users and consumers and there are no residues left after their use.
  • After introducing natural predators, as a form of bio insecticide, they will continue to flourish, keeping pest numbers at a manageable level.
  • Biological controls are more target specific and with less or non-effect towards other beneficial insects.
  • Biologicals are an alternative tool for resistance management.
  • By utilizing effective natural partnerships, biological controls can enhance the own plant health and help to keep the right balance of the local biodiversity.


BioSolutions by BASF, is a range of biological products built on five areas of expertise which help farmers and growers reduce residues, manage resistance, increase stress tolerance, extend the windows of disease and pest protection, adding flexibility to harvest timings. And they do all this naturally for the benefit of your crops, your business and environmental sustainability.

A woman stands in a poly tunnel holding a box of freshly picked tomatoes.

Natural partners for your crops and your business

We believe in finding the right balance between efficacy, quality, and sustainability to help overcome the ever-growing challenges facing agriculture in producing high quality, environmentally friendly products. The right balance for success.

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A portfolio of alternative crop protection

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BioSolutions at a glance

BioSolutions byBASF


A win for the bees and for all of us

In 2020, we were pleased to announce that after a really close race in our vote for your favourite BASF Partnership Project, “” flew straight to the top. As our winners, the valuable bee support sponsorship project by Zogi Nature received funding to create five new bee colonies and 500m2 of bee pasture at the edge of the Black Forest. Since they’re essential to the ecosystem and the world’s food supply, bees are our natural partners and in need of our support. This win was a win for us all. That´s why we are funding this project now in the third year.


ABIM 2023: The premier global meeting place for the biocontrol industry

The growth of the biocontrol industry reflects the need for a successful biocontrol event and ABIM provides it. ABIM is internationally recognised as the place to do business and discover and unveil new products, to discuss market opportunities, to present new research and products, to learn about the latest regulatory situation and to liaise with fellow professionals from all over the world. 
ABIM 2023 built on the success of meeting again in person and included

  • programme of biocontrol industry focused talks and informative training workshops
  • vibrant exhibition
  • meeting opportunities at all levels including private and semi-private meeting rooms, casual lounges and cocktail receptions.

We would like to thank all our partners, customers and other potential interested parties for joining us at our booth. In the words of Fabio Henrique Dias, Vice President Global Strategy and Portfolio Management: “ABIM is a great place to connect with key companies that are innovating in agriculture. Innovation is our DNA in BASF. And for us, having a chance to connect with other companies that are also developing innovations is a great opportunity. We can innovate in biologicals only if we establish close cooperations and strategic alliances.” 


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