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When it comes to providing value to the customer, BASF has one simple mantra: to be solution – not just product – providers. With a complete portfolio of agronomic seed solutions, BASF supports growers from seed through to harvest by helping them grow their business to meet the ever-increasing demand for affordable and high-quality food, feed, and fiber.


Seed Solutions

It starts with the seed. – Seed selection is the growers first and most important decision. Successful seed choices establish the revenue potential of the farm, while also helping to secure the farm legacy for future generations. With innovative and agronomic solutions across BASF’s seed lineup, BASF is committed to delivering high yielding germplasm and innovative trait products addressing current and future grower needs, so that from the start, BASF seeds have a fit for every field.


Trait & Technology Solutions

BASF has a passion for discovering new, integrated solutions and pioneering high-performing products to boost growers’ agricultural productivity and profitability. At the same time, BASF provides outstanding technologies to safeguard grower’s fields, from seeds to harvests, and is committed to trait and technological advancements and investment in state-of-the-art research facilities across the globe which is why growers recognize BASF as not just product providers, but as strategic and consultative partners. 


  • TRAIT RESEARCH – Discovering genes from plants & microbiome and engineer for plant expression
  • TRAIT DEVELOPMENT – Screening GM & non-GM traits for development of elite events for commercialization
  • BREEDING – Developing improved varieties and hybrids incorporating value-added GM & native traits into elite germplasm
  • SEED TECHNOLOGIES & ANALYTICS – Providing genetic/genomic testing, informatics, design and analysis support for R&D functions

Connected solutions

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