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AgCelence® – Questions and Answers

You can find answers here to your questions concerning AgCelence®

AgCelence® is a brand name derived from a combination of the words agriculture and excellence. AgCelence® refers to a portfolio of products that provide benefits above and beyond conventional crop protection methods. It includes products that:

  • optimize the physiology of the plant,
  • make more efficient use of resources such as labor, water and fertilizer,
  • address the specific needs of agricultural markets,
  • and offer significant additional benefits along multiple steps of the value chain.

The AgCelence® brand signifies agricultural products from which you can expect more performance. It stands for a portfolio of products selected based on scientific evidence and large-scale field trials worldwide. AgCelence® is not just a brand. It also embodies our way of thinking by bringing concrete new business opportunities to you as a grower and entrepreneur.

Based on physiological effects, AgCelence® products have proven benefits that go beyond traditional crop protection. These effects can be summarized in three categories of benefits:

  • Better plant vitality and tolerance against abiotic stress factors
  • Higher efficiency in crop production and farm operations
  • Higher marketable quality and yield

The yield increase varies depending on the crop and environmental conditions. To ensure optimum reliability for growers, BASF conducts extensive field trials around the world to make specific recommendations on a local basis, so that you get the best results. With our global field testing program, we were able to demonstrate the yield benefits of AgCelence® products: On average, we observed yield increases of between 5% and 10% in row crops like corn, soybeans and cereals. These effects do not always occur in the same way but are generally stable.

The added value varies, depending on the local situation and crop. For example, Cabrio Top® is an AgCelence® product which significantly increases the BRIX content in tomatoes grown in Brazil. A quality evaluation in that country revealed a 12% higher BRIX content compared to the untreated reference sample. Companies in the ketchup industry offer higher prices per kilogram for tomatoes with this enhanced quality.
Other real-life examples of how AgCelence® creates value can be found in our Success Stories download.

The benefits depend on the targeted crop and the local conditions. BASF offers products under the AgCelence® brand name only for specific crops where there is enough field experience to confirm the added value to you as the grower. We are committed to continuously conducting research on new products that meet the brand criteria.

Not only do most of our AgCelence® products offer inherent disease control to protect against biotic stress factors, such as fungi, and thus protects yields, they also provide additional benefits in plant health. The plant health effect includes self-defense against abiotic stress factors, more efficient nutrient use and higher quality. This enables you to realize higher yield and greater vitality during your crop’s development and increase efficiency in your farm operations. As an entrepreneur, you must make investment decisions in your field every day. With AgCelence® products, you can be confident this is a good investment in successful farm management.