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More Sustainable And Efficient Livestock Farming

BASF Animal Nutrition has many years of experience in the development and production of feed additives like vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes and organic acids. The focus is on supplying the feed industry with highly effective products and, more recently, providing innovative digital solutions to support efficient and sustainable animal protein production.

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BASF Animal Nutrition is one of the leading suppliers of feed additives to the animal protein value chain. With our long-term experience in the feed ingredients business and our proven, high-performing products and solutions, we want to help shape the future of the industry. We call it the science of sustainable feed that succeeds. Our product portfolio of vitamins and carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, trace elements and other feed additives is well positioned to tackle pressing sustainability challenges. We offer our customers solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve resource efficiency as well as animal wellbeing. Feed manufacturers as well as farmers benefit from increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Our continuous investment in new technologies and R&D, our global research network and market presence and our close collaboration with our customers enable us to understand the needs of the animal feed industry and provide beneficial solutions. Digital technologies increasingly expand our portfolio. With Cloudfarms, BASF offers a livestock farm management solution which supports all production processes and is suitable for farms of any size. Our sustainability metrics software Opteinics™ helps to improve the carbon footprint of animal protein and can be integrated in feed formulation software. BASF Animal Nutrition together with trinamiX offers a mobile NIR Spectroscopy solution for on-site nutrient analysis of feed where it matters most: in the field. This also makes BASF Animal Nutrition a leading provider when it comes to future-oriented digital solutions.

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