Oilseed rape

High-quality oilseeds, adapted to local conditions, which aid productivity and help you deliver fields of liquid gold. To enable us to consistently provide this, we have invested in:

  • Research to maximise grain and oil yields, and improve disease resistance
  • Passionate people, experts in oilseed rape working in breeding and seed operations
  • More than 70 products in the pipeline, and hybrids in trial in over 100 European locations

Product Offering

A range of high-quality and performance hybrid seeds, spring and winter oilseed rape adapted to diverse european agro-climatic conditions.

Product Concept

Our robust portfolio of winter and spring oilseed rape hybrids provides farmers throughout Europe with consistently high performance thanks to:

  • A focus on yield and quality seeds
  • A wide and varied range of spring and winter oilseed rape hybrids seeds
  • Varieties with winter hardiness and Clearfield herbicide tolerance to simplify weed management options. 

Quality Benefits

  • Excellent germplasm
  • First-in-class breeding program
  • Outstanding seed multipliers
  • Highest purity standards possible in the genetic, physical, varietal and physiological quality of our seed materials
  • Well adapted to specific environments
  • High yield performance


BASF has just signed a long-term partnership enabling a constant stream of innovative hybrids to be commercialized under the BASF brand around the Black Sea area. All the hybrids originate from one of the best main sunflower research programs worldwide.

In 2020 you will find these innovative hybrids with Clearfield®  and Clearfield®  Plus technology that also have interesting disease package, strong resistance to orobanche and high oil profiles in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia.

In the coming years more countries around the Black sea and in Western Europe, where sunflower is part of standard crop rotations, will have access to these innovative hybrids.

BASF can now offer you agronomic insight and knowledge about the portfolio of sunflower seed hybrids, together with a range of seed treatment innovations, both chemical and biological, that will help safeguard seed performance.  You can also benefit from the BASF agricultural solutions offer in your country for fungicides, insecticides, herbicides to help you attain superior farm management in sunflowers.

BASF - “You’ll be glad you planted Sunshine”


Our Services

Digital Farming

xarvio™ develops digital solutions for crop optimization and the digitalization of agriculture.

Food Value Chain

Satisfying consumer wishes is top priority for the food value chain, starting with the farmer and leading further via trading companies, food processors to the end retailer. BASF, as a provider of farming solutions, partners with different stakeholders in this chain to meet the demands of the market.

Regulatory Data Transparency

BASF joins the commitment of CropLife International to increase access and transparency of safety data submitted in the regulatory approval process.

Supply Chain Track & Trace

BASF introduces a technology standard that will facilitate traceability of crop protection products.