Supply Chain Track & Trace For BASF Products

The new technology standard facilitates traceability of crop protection products. Customers and farmers benefit from the possibility to verify their product.


Transparency will help to determine which supply chain steps a product is passing through at a certain point of time. This will allow the management of recalls more efficiently, to provide information to authorities, to combat product piracy or brand counterfeiting effectively and enhance the performance of the supply chain.

Distributors and farmers can scan the data matrix code using the smartphone “CPP Verifier” to verify a product – an important measure against product counterfeiting by easily identifying a product as original.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Helps farmers to use only registered crop protection products via the app – enhancing product safety and product stewardship
  • Improved supply chain agility from production to users, e.g. efficient and quick product recalls and relocations
  • Reduced product obsolescence along the distribution chain
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Data accuracy is basis for documentation, requested from authorities

About Supply Chain Track and Trace

After the filling and labelling of each product, the product is scanned at stages along the supply chain – whether it goes into storage or to distributors.


Key element is a data matrix code applied to the label of BASF crop protection products. The code contains relevant information, such as the global trade item number (GTIN), the batch number, the manufacturing date and a unique alphanumeric identifier.

The data matrix code is a machine readable code, following the crop protection industry-wide CRISTAL, an initiative formed due to current and upcoming legal regulations, and GS1 standards. While the product is scanned, it is delivering information into the BASF internal supply chain track and trace repository. This allows the tracking of products, as well, customers can get information out of the database for verifying their BASF crop protection products through the app “CPP Verifier”.

The introduction of SCTT is following the implementation on the BASF filling lines. This sequence could result in - especially during the transition time of some 2 years - that for the same product some batches are produced with the SCTT info and others without.

CPP Verification App

The mobile CPP Verifier helps distributors and farmers to check the authenticity of crop protection products from BASF.


The mobile authentication application (“app”) helps distributors and farmers to check the authenticity of the BASF crop protection product. The functionality is simple. The “CPP Verifier” enables customers (and of course any other supply chain partner including enforcement bodies, e. g. customs) to use their mobile devices to verify BASF crop protection products as original.

With the smartphone app, available for different mobile platforms, the device cameras can be used to scan the data matrix code on bottle and box labels and then create a verification request. Results are displayed directly out of the BASF data repository. The app will tell you if the product label is valid, invalid or suspicious.

App For Android

Download the CPP Verification App to your Android Smartphone

App For iOS

Download the CPP Verification App to your iPhone or iPad