Serialization Of Finished Goods – Key For Track & Trace And The Digital Customer Experience

New technologies facilitate tracking and traceability of seeds and crop protection products and enhance the customer experience.

Once the finished product is given a unique serial number, the journey to the customer is only beginning. Serialization enables BASF, channel partners, and retailers to track finished product through the various steps of the value chain. It also enables our end customers to trace the product journey back in time. This technology will enable more rapid and efficient product recalls, simplify reporting to regulatory authorities, combat product counterfeiting and improve the performance of the supply chain.

The bar codes which encode the data are based on the GS1 standard, which facilitates the collection, communication and exchange of information between trading partners throughout the value chain.

We offer tailored solutions which take into account different regional business and operational requirements. We look to continue the adoption and advancement of this technology to improve BASF internal processes as well as the customer experience.

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