Agricultural Films

With the aid of agricultural plastics, growers can secure and significantly increase produced output per hectare while enhancing crop quality. The wide range of plasticulture applications includes greenhouse, mulch and silage stretch films, silage sheets, drip irrigation pipes, nettings, nonwovens and many more.

Plastic additives and colorants


The continued growth in food production has also created an increased demand for effective additives and colorants for plastics in agricultural applications. Agricultural plastic converters require products that enhance the durability of plastics and improve crop productivity and quality, while meeting increasingly stringent requirements with regard to the environmental impact of agriculture, water consumption and cost of materials. BASF’s stabilizers and UV absorbers help extend the durability of agricultural applications even in the presence of high UV radiation and agricultural chemicals.

Biodegradable mulch films

BASF's ‘ecovio® M’ was specially developed for film applications in farming and gardening. It is certified compostable and contains biobased content. The advantage: The farmer does not have to laboriously collect the mulch films after harvest, but can plow it in directly. This saves time and money.



ecovio® is a versatile and high-performance biopolymer. Its particular advantage: It is certified compostable and partly bio-based.

Plastic additives for agricultural plastics

BASF provides a full range of solutions for the agriculture industry.


Greenhouse Films

Plastic greenhouses help to increase and secure the yield. But greenhouse films are exposed to high UV radiation, heat build-up on the greenhouse supports, and the effects of crop protection as well as soil disinfection chemicals. Therefore, the films have to be stabilized with the right light stabilizers and UV absorbers.

Mulch Films

Mulch films are used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss, and improve crop yield as well as precocity. Because of their thickness, use of pigments and their exposure to high solar irradiation, mulch films require proper light and thermal stabilizers with intermediate chemical resistance.

Silage Films & Stretch Films

Silage films are used primarily to preserve silage, hay and maize. They maintain the nutritional value of the contents and inhibit undesirable fermentation processes. To reach the needed properties that ensure protection throughout the duration of outdoor exposure the films require good resistance against weathering.

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xarvio™ - Digital Farming

xarvio™ develops digital solutions for crop optimization and the digitalization of agriculture.

Food Value Chain

Satisfying consumer wishes is top priority for the food value chain, starting with the farmer and leading further via trading companies, food processors to the end retailer. BASF, as a provider of farming solutions, partners with different stakeholders in this chain to meet the demands of the market.

Regulatory Data Transparency

BASF joins the commitment of CropLife International to increase access and transparency of safety data submitted in the regulatory approval process.

Supply Chain Track & Trace

New technologies facilitate tracking and traceability of seeds and crop protection products and enhance the customer experience.