Successful Fruit And Vegetable Farmers Work Hard To Maximize Their Yields. So Do We.

The term fruit and vegetables covers everything from major crops such as apples, bananas and potatoes to niche crops such as avocadoes, plums and radishes. In 2013, over 640 million tonnes of fruit and 1 billion tonnes of vegetables were grown worldwide. Asia is the largest regional producer of both fruit and vegetables.

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As fruit and vegetables are often purchased fresh, farmers need to ensure they are succulent and physically attractive. But this succulence makes them particularly attractive to pests and diseases, which farmers need to protect against while also striving for safe produce with low residues. We support farmers with customized and tailor-made solutions along the crop cycle to meet these diverse challenges.

Initium® is a specifically designed fungicide solution for use on specialty crops, such as grapes, potatoes or tomatoes. It provides long-lasting protection against downy mildews and late blights, and has an excellent regulatory profile. Initium® products are safe and easy to use and will support farmers worldwide. 

Our next-generation fungicide Xemium® not only controls a broad range of fungi in various fruits and vegetables, but also displays a unique mobility in the whole plant, providing both immediate and long-lasting protection. As well as controlling fungal diseases in crops such as grapes, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes, our F500® based AgCelence® products provide further benefits, enhancing appearance and nutritional value and protecting against environmental stresses such as drought and cold. To provide best results the products are complemented by our advisory services such as pest identification, monitoring and decision support on when and how to use the products safely.

Through our Functional Crop Care business, we are developing several innovative solutions that will benefit farmers of fruit and vegetables. These include new ways to control insect pests and fungal pathogens using bio-control products and pheromones as well as novel solutions to enhance the use of nutrients and water.

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