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Connecting Innovations For Better Yield

Developing much needed innovations and connecting them is how we make farm management easier and more effective: helping growers balance risk, manage inputs more precisely and grow crops more sustainably.

Livio Tedeschi
Agricultural innovation is essential to enable sustainable food production. We are advancing a holistic innovation pipeline with solutions that help farmers achieve high yields while becoming more CO2-efficient and more resistant against changing weather conditions.

Livio Tedeschi

President - Agricultural Solutions

xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS is a unique outcome-based digital solution that provides a tailored, field and season specific crop protection strategy for winter wheat that guarantees leaf health and yield success at the start of the season for a fixed price.

Farmers face increasingly complex demands. They must increase their productivity to keep up with the needs of a growing population, while minimizing the impact of farming on global resources. 

The need has never been greater for simplification of farm management, and effective and sustainable farming solutions.  We believe that combinations of solutions will enable better yield. Not just higher yield – but yield designed to balance the agronomic, economic, environmental and societal issues farmers face, regionally and globally. 

Connecting innovations for impact

We start at the level of the grower and their farm. We combine the best technologies across our broad portfolio for solutions that work in their region, and for the challenges unique to the crops they grow.

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Innovation to make a positive impact on the agricultural food system

We want to have a positive impact on the agricultural food system, so we focus on four major strategic customer segments and selected crop combinations, known as crop systems: soy, corn (maize) and cotton in the Americas; wheat, canola (oilseed rape) and sunflowers in North America and Europe; rice in Asia; and fruit and vegetables globally. Our research and development activities are also aligned with these strategic crop systems,  to deeply  understand the challenges of each crop system, and develop and connect offers that support our customers’ success for ever more sustainable farming. This includes connecting solutions and partners along the food value chain to jointly secure a more responsibly food supply. BASF leverages the potential of digitalization in farming to help growers achieve better yield with fewer natural resources and chemical inputs. By doing so, we ensure the future availability of ever more sustainable agricultural solutions and thus provide the means for farmers to produce even more sustainably.

Our research and development activities are aligned with four strategic crop systems.

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How we are combining our products and technologies for regional crop production

Close up picture of soybean plant

Challenge: ​

Soybean growers lose yield to resistant pests, diseases and weeds, which impacts their ability to earn a living and their use of land and inputs.​

Innovation:  ​

High-yielding, disease-resistant varieties, multiple herbicide traits, no-till options, sustainable crop protection, and digital farming tools for resource management and precision applications. ​

Solution: ​

BASF is developing and connecting solutions across all phases of soybean crop growth for yield protection and stability in ways that meet societal expectations and minimize the impact on global resources.



Wheat growers lose yield to resistant pests, diseases and weeds, which impacts their ability to earn a living and their use of land and inputs.


BASF is developing and connecting the best technologies across its portfolio and pipeline: Hybrid wheat seeds will deliver high performance in yield, quality and stability, sustainable crop protection products, like Revysol® fungicide, and xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions for resource management and precision applications.


Growers benefit from our novel and connected solutions tailored to their region and crop system that make farm management easier and more effective, balance risk, and optimize inputs for better yield, economic success and environmental sustainability.


Challenge: ​

Cotton growers are faced with increased complexity around producing this critical fiber: managing herbicide resistant weeds, insect pests, disease, and weather extremes that threaten yield and productivity, while consumers increasingly demand transparency and sustainability.​

Innovation:  ​

Continuously improved and locally adapted leading germplasm carrying the most desirable native traits including disease resistance and yield potential, best-in-class herbicide tolerant cotton varieties paired with pest resistance traits, a comprehensive crop protection chemistry portfolio, and a sustainability certification and verification process to specific environmental and social measures to connect consumers to what is happening on the farm. ​

Solution: ​

Connecting the best technologies across the BASF portfolio and pipeline maximizes crop productivity, land stewardship and grower profitability.

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