Sustainable Agriculture: Moving Farming Forward

Farmers are playing an increasingly important role in today’s society, advancing sustainable agriculture practices as the world faces the challenge of feeding a growing population with healthy crops, while respecting and preserving limited resources.

Supporting sustainable farming for over a century

Farmers today face a number of difficult challenges. As the world’s population grows, farmers need to produce more food on the same amount of land. They need to protect their crops from pests and disease without upsetting the delicate balance in the ecosystem. That also includes protecting the soil for future generations. Farming is the biggest job on earth – this is why we are committed to be part of the movement to foster sustainable agriculture.




BASF has developed innovations for sustainable farming for food, feed and fiber production for over 100 years now. Our products range from conventional fertilizer and crop protection products to modern biotech solutions and pheromones. We are committed to product responsibility every step of the way – in development, production, use and disposal.

How BASF is committed to sustainable agriculture

We believe that sustainable agriculture is an essential part of a stable, functioning society. We partner with farmers to help them grow crops efficiently, yet sustainably, providing training to ensure that they use our products correctly. We supply expertise, innovative services and technologies to support farmers, their families and their communities. Of course, we appreciate all of the helpful feedback farmers give us – and we use it to create new solutions for the future.

Sustainable agriculture can protect the environment and conserves resources by using land, water and other natural resources efficiently and effectively. At BASF, we supply products, technologies and services for all types of production systems. We also encourage collaborations and partnerships across industries to make sustainable agriculture a top priority for countries around the globe.

Meet our BASF team and learn more about the ideas and programs in sustainable farming that are making a difference to farmers and rural communities around the world.

We know that there is much to do in sustainable agriculture, and we will move forward together –with and for farmers.

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