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Innovating Focused On Farmers And Consumers

In the coming decades, the agricultural food system will have to undergo an accelerated transformation to feed a growing population affordably and well while mitigating the impact of farming practices on our planet and future generations. At the same time, regulation is growing tighter, societal and consumer demands growing greater. Consumer expectations and the challenges facing our customers are driving our commitment to creating chemistry.

Right solutions and the right balance for agriculture’s future

As long-term supporters of farming, we will step up our help for farmers to achieve better yield, and focus more than ever on understanding the needs of our customers, consumers, regulatory authorities and society at large.

We innovate to create new business opportunities for farmers and our business by developing solutions that meet the needs of both customers and consumers: increasing productivity, sustainability and environmental protection, and delivering value to our wider society. 

At BASF, we listen, learn, share knowledge and expertise to inform our products and services, and make sure that our innovations make a difference where it matters – in the field. Adapted to the local climate, pest and weed pressures, the agricultural economy and the supply chain.

This combination of continuing innovation and better understanding will, in turn, contribute to helping ensure food security and foster healthy and affordable eating.

By working closely with the whole of the agricultural community and the value chain, we’ll find the right solutions and the right balance for farms all over the world and agriculture’s future.

Farmers on a lettuce field

Customers and consumers in the focus of everything we do – examples of products and technologies

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