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BASF Research Press Conference 2021

Sustainability Starts In Research


10:30 to 14:45 CET

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At the 2021 BASF Research Press Conference, Agricultural Solutions presents its innovations in research that are leading to better agricultural outcomes and sustainability for wheat - a nutritional staple in countries around the world - a crop of major importance to the world. BASF is connecting seeds, crop protection and digital solutions to crops with substantial global importance and adapting solutions regionally to minimize the impact of farming on natural resources.​

Wheat is one of the world’s most important grains, with a volume of over 770 million metric tons per year. Wheat yield must be increased significantly in the coming years. This goal will be harder to reach because of limited arable land and crop failures caused by climate change. Through a globally driven, locally tailored breeding program BASF develops new hybrid wheat with value-added traits for increased yield and quality as well as disease and insect resistance. Technicians Thomas Debaeke (left) und Joris Van Deuren (right) examine hybrid wheat in the BASF Innovation Center Gent, Belgium.

BASF in Agriculture – Combining Innovations for Better Yield

Combining R&D innovations for impact

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