With Quality Products To Quality Grapes

Whether vines are grown for wine or table grapes, the quality is equally important. While the appearance of wine grapes is not so important, the sugar content, acids and flavor are needed for both wine and table grapes.

Beautiful bunches of grapes are attractive, but without the harmony of sugar and acid, there are no good and tasty grapes. In both cases, we are talking about the same thing - the quality.

A number of factors affect the quality of grapes:

  • Climatic conditions
  • The choice of the plot (the quality of the land, exposition)
  • The form of breeding and selection of varieties  according to the climatic factors
  • Quality of the planting material
  • Nutrition
  • Agricultural machinery (maintenance of the land, pruning, 'green' operations)
  • Protection from diseases, pests and weeds

Everything that is invested and done in the vineyard influences the final product. BASF knows that there can be no compromise on quality and that crop protection is a key factor.  

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