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These are challenging times. And one our greatest challenges is how to balance growing the crops we need while population, regulation and expectations are also growing.

Natural partnerships – found everywhere in nature – are part of the answer. Between the old and the new, productivity and stewardship, agriculture and society.

Biosolutions have a crucial role to play in this as natural partners for crops and for conventional crop protection. 

As you could discover at virtual ABIM® 2020, they’ll help us find the right balance for success – for farmers and growers, for agriculture and for future generations.

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A Win For The Bees And For All Of Us

We’re pleased to announce that after a really close race in our vote for your favourite BASF Partnership Project at virtual ABIM this year, “” flew straight to the top.

As our winners, this valuable bee support sponsorship project by Zogi Nature will receive funding to create five new bee colonies and 500m2 of bee pasture at the edge of the Black Forest.

Since they’re essential to the ecosystem and the world’s food supply, bees are our natural partners and in need of our support. So this win is a win for all us. And in more ways than one.

If we’re able – hopefully – to meet face-to-face at next year’s ABIM, we’ll be sharing some samples of the honey these Black Forest bees produce.


Working in partnership 

This is our complete BioSolutions portfolio in brief. 

Biologicals for Agriculture

Fungicide BioSolutions

Fungicide BioSolutions offer sustainable solutions for growers, consumers and the environment, by forming a ‘shield of protection’ against a broad spectrum of plant pathogens.

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Insecticide BioSolutions

Based on natural defenses like beneficial nematodes, micro-organisms and pheromones, Insecticide BioSolutions help protect plants against a wide array of insect pests.

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Seed Treatment BioSolutions

From chemistry to BioSolutions to inoculants, seed treatments by BASF are proven to help promote healthy growth and increase both quality and yield for crops globally.

BASF und AgBiome arbeiten zusammen an einem neuen biologischen Fungizid
Joint News Release, March 30, 2021

BASF and AgBiome collaborate on a new biological fungicide for Europe, Middle East and Africa

BASF and AgBiome have signed an agreement to bring a new biological fungicide to the market in Europe, and key countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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Meet the experts:

Liliana Vallejo
Veronica Mayer
Joel D Johnson
Chris Judd
Seed Treatment