Protecting crop production through Natural Partnerships

Natural partners for your crops and your business

We believe in finding the right balance between efficacy, quality, and sustainability to help overcome the ever-growing challenges facing agriculture in producing high quality, environmentally friendly products. The right balance for success.

BioSolutions by BASF have a vital role to play in this. Used as natural partners for a wide range of crops – along with conventional crop protection products or in some cases on their own – they give growers much greater choice in how they control pests and diseases.

Biological controls have been around for centuries. But now, driven by regulation, expectation, and advances in science and production, they’re more important than ever.

Based on beneficial living organisms and substances derived from nature, BioSolutions by BASF help improve crop protection management, supporting plants throughout their lifecycle. They can help reduce residues, manage resistance, strengthen stress tolerance, extend the windows of protection, and add flexibility to harvest timings.

Natural Partnerships also address the exchange of ideas and understanding between farmers, growers, agronomists, scientists and researchers, academia, industry peers and start-ups, as well as the ‘informed’ public to speed up developments.

By bringing together all BASF’s considerable strengths, combining innovation with practical action, expertise with experience, connectivity with collaboration, and industry-leading products with world class service, we can move forward together. And do this naturally, for the benefit of farmers, agriculture, and future generations.

BASF is always looking to build new and innovative Natural Partnerships in agriculture. So if you’re interested, please get in touch with our team. Together, we can help shape the future of agriculture.

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Liliana Vallejo
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