Bio Seed Treatments – Combining biologicals and chemistry to sustainably improve plant performance

senior agricultural worker inspecting corn plant outdoor on filed

Our powerful lineup of innovative biological seed treatments provides plants with beneficial tools for an optimal growing environment, while protecting young crops from some of the most damaging pests during their critical early development.  

Biological Seed Treatment Products

A close-up of water droplets on a leaf


BioSolutions by BASF give growers greater choice in the way they control pests and diseases. Learn more about how we help growers find the right balance between efficacy and sustainability by checking out our BioSolutions offerings. 

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A close-up of multicolor treated seeds

Seed Treatment

With a broad and diverse seed treatment portfolio, we’re poised to support growers with challenges they face today and for years to come. Learn more about how we’re giving seed treatment everything we’ve got to protect seed investments worldwide.

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