Beneficial Nematodes

Our world-leading biological insect management portfolio is based on a variety of beneficial nematodes, which provide curative and preventative control by invading, attacking and killing an extensive range of targeted pests.

What are beneficial nematodes?

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Beneficial nematodes are tiny, microscopic worms that are always present in the soil. They offer advanced biological pest control of a wide range of insect pests for a broad range of crops, indoors and outdoors.

These bio insecticides represent a category of biological crop protection, also known as “biocontrol”, “biologicals”, “biological pesticides” or “bio pesticides“, which are products based on living organisms that offer protection against many damaging pests and diseases. These biological products are developed out of microorganisms that are usually occurring in nature. They are isolated and enhanced to provide growers with new tools for their disease management planning that differ from conventional products.

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Key benefits of Nemasys® Beneficial Nematodes

Easy to apply nematodes

Beneficial nematodes attack, invade and kill targeted pests, in the easily applied form of Nemasys® BioSolutions by BASF. They can be applied as a drench, through spray equipment or irrigation systems, and are compatible with many soil-applied fertilizers and fungicides. These beneficial nematodes can either be used alone or in partnership with other biological or conventional pest management programs.

Control pests across a broad range of crops

They offer consistent high performance and are effective in fruit and vegetable production, vineyards, horticulture and gardens, palm and conifer plantations, mushroom production and more. And the range of pests they control is immense, including codling and other moths and caterpillars, thrips, leaf miners, shore and sciarid flies, turf grubs, fungus gnats, palm borers, vine, palm and pine weevils, and many others.

Preventative and curative biological pest control

Nemasys® beneficial nematodes can provide both preventative and curative control at all stages of the crop growing cycle. Because they are naturally based, there are no concerns about residues or runoff, and no pest resistance issues. Nemasys® provides excellent biological pest control, effectively mitigating insect numbers for the following year. Setting the standard and raising the bar.


Further information about BASF beneficial nematodes

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