Biological Insecticides

Our Bio Insecticides offer growers an effective and flexible alternative form of pest management, while sustainably protecting non-target organisms and the environment.

Overview: Velifer® Biological Insecticide

At BASF, finding innovative solutions means thinking differently. One way we do that is by harnessing the power of nature for effective insect control through Velifer biological insecticide. Velifer represents a new way to meet evolving consumer expectations and regulatory standards. The active ingredient of Velifer is a beneficial fungus that grows naturally in the soil and acts as a parasite to arthropod species for insect control. With good efficacy controlling target pest populations, including whiteflies, aphids and mites, this biological insecticide is a valuable addition to integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Key Features and Benefits


Velifer® means versatility


  • Biological product based on a naturally occurring beneficial fungus
  • Active against all life stages of the target pests, including whiteflies
  • Can be applied early in the growth cycle when target insect pests are first observed​
  • Minimal use restrictions and a favorable ​environmental profile​
  • Highest live concentration of spores available in the market for B.bassiana products


  • Works in a manner that complements traditional insecticide solutions
  • Resistance development highly unlikely
  • Does not affect or harm beneficial insects or bees when applied according to label instructions and restrictions


  • No known adverse symptoms of phytotoxicity
  • High compatibility with main fungicides
  • No pre harvest internal considerations
  • Meets sustainability demands of retailers and consumers
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Mode of Action

The active ingredient in Velifer, beauveria bassiana strain 5339, is a naturally found, soil-borne beneficial fungus. As an entomopathogenic fungus, it is parasitic to target insects and provides good pest control. A single application affects all life stages, but larvae are most susceptible. Velifer works through direct contact. Once the pest comes in contact, the fungus multiplies in the insect’s body, providing insect control within 48 to 72 hours.

Velifer does not adversely impact beneficial insects or bees when applied according to label guidelines and restrictions.

Technical Brochure (PDF)

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