Soybean In Latin America

Precision application and efficient land use through a diverse, tailored soybean innovation pipeline for Latin American farmers


Soybean is one of the most important sources of oil and protein for human nutrition and animal feed worldwide, with approximately 350 million tons produced annually. Of this total, 55% of all soy produced comes from Latin America, especially Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, as published the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In the region, major challenges affecting land use and inputs in soybean production are Asian Soybean Rust (ASR), pest nematodes and resistant weeds. BASF is developing and connecting innovations across seed, crop protection and digital solutions, tailored to the needs of Latin American farmers. Coming to farmers by mid-decade, the company is advancing several new Revysol®- and Xemium®-based mixtures that provide effective control of soybean diseases, including Asian Soybean Rust, and help manage resistance. In addition, soybean farmers will benefit from a novel trait in development for tolerance to nematodes, pests that induce yield losses of around 30%. 

To control weeds with precision inputs, BASF together with Bosch developed the Smart Spraying solution that combines the agronomic intelligence of xarvio® with Bosch’s high-tech camera sensor technology and software. The technology offers real-time, automated pre- and post-emergence weed identification and management. Smart Spraying reduces the risk of weed resistance by using specifically developed herbicide formulations and optimized rates, ensuring that herbicide is applied only where and when needed. Through spot application, it can reduce herbicide volume use by up to 70%, depending on prevailing field conditions and weed pressure. The Smart Spraying solution is expected to launch in Brazil, North America and Europe within the next 18 months. 

Our commitment is to bring digital solutions like these to 400 million hectares globally by 2030, and Latin America will be an important part of it,” said Sergi Vizoso, Senior Vice President of BASF Agricultural Solutions Latin America. “To reach longevity within the agribusiness, we need this long-term vision.” 

Brazilian farmer and agronomist Maurício De Bortoli believes that the use of innovations like Smart Spraying is essential for success: “In fact, we are always adding new technologies in the field. We usually research, measure, quantify what each technology adds and each year we add more technologies to increase productivity. So, we are evolving over the years.”