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Revysol® is an innovative fungicidal active ingredient for crop protection from the triazole group. Unlike conventional azoles in the market, Revysol® is the first Isopropanol-Azole, a unique chemistry discovered and developed by BASF combining an outstanding performance with a favorable regulatory profile and selectivity.

Triazole fungicides are the backbone of disease control strategies and essential for resistance management. Each triazole acts slightly different in inhibiting the sterol synthesis, and their activity spectrum varies significantly. Farmers need a diversity of product solutions for mixing or alternating modes of action. Due to its outstanding performance and unique chemical properties, Revysol® is playing a crucial role in crop protection.

Best foundation for farmers‘ income and optimized farm management

BASF researcher in greenhouse

Focus on farmers‘ needs

BASF established an innovative screening approach. Already at the discovery phase, Revysol® was designed to meet the highest level of regulatory standards, an impressive selectivity and an outstanding biological performance. Revysol® was optimized on more than 40 crops and 80 diseases.


Revysol® Flexi-Power

Flexibility leads to outstanding performance
Revysol® is the first Isopropanol-Azole in the market. Its unique chemical constellation allows the molecule to assume different conformations easily and to be extremely flexible. Revysol® binds to the target site e.g. Septoria tritici up to 100 times more powerfully than conventional triazole fungicides, also where target site mutations have developed. This outstanding flexibility leads to Revysol outstanding benefits.

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Resistance management

Farmers need product diversity for mixing or alternating mode of actions. Due to its strong performance Revysol® is playing a crucial role in future resistance management. With Revysol®, BASF offers growers a highly effective tool to help them better protect their crops, manage resistances and increase their yield in a sustainable way.

Insights on Revysol® – mode of action and development process


How Revysol® works

Synthesis and Molecule Optimization.png

Synthesis & Molecule Optimization

Experimental Screening.png

Experimental Screening

Formulation Development.png

Formulation Development

Formulation Property Optimization Laboratory.png

Formulation Property Optimization in the Laboratory

Formulation Property Optimization Greenhouse.png

Formulation Property Optimization in the Greenhouse

Revysol® in different crops

Cereals are leading crops in the cultivation of arable land. In 2018, farmers grew wheat on over 213 million hectares and barley on almost 50 million hectares worldwide. The largest regional producers of wheat are Europe (47 percent) and Asia (36 percent), while Europe (80 percent) is also the single largest producer of barley.


Revysol® is highly effective against key fungal diseases in cereals. It is an innovative and sustainable solution that improves farm management and reduces weather-related risks while delivering higher and more consistent yields increasing farm income.

Septoria leaf blotch, the biggest threat to your crops

Every year, farmers face different threats from diseases in their cereal crops. The biggest threat to their yields, income and the future of their farm, however, is always Septoria leaf blotch. This disease is getting increasingly difficult to control due to developing resistance.

We at BASF know the challenges farmers face. Through dedicated research and extensive testing in the field, we aim to offer the best possible protection against Septoria. Revysol® product solutions will ensure healthy crops, even in situations of resistance. And that means farmers will maximize their yield and quality leading to higher profit.

Managing a farm is getting more and more complex

Farmers have to deal with many different situations managing a farm professionally. BASF strives to offer simple solutions to increase efficiency in farm operations. This saves time and resources and leads to higher productivity and profitability.

The versatility, broader application window and lower water volume application of Revysol® means it is the ideal solution to simplify decision-making, planning and on-farm operations.

Challenging weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions are frequent during T2 timing, with more than 75percent of days affected by cold, rain and/or UV radiation. These conditions put fungicide protection at risk. Farmers need to rely on product performance regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the reliable, long-lasting performance of Revysol® in varying weather conditions, crops and investments are secured at application and beyond, and follow-up sprays can be avoided.

In all regions around the world, corn belongs to the most important crops. It is primarily used for food, animal feed and biofuels. In 2018, farmers grew corn on more than 190 million hectares worldwide, producing over 1 billion tons.

Corn farmers are facing many different challenges. Adverse weather, volatile commodity prices, weeds, insects, disease, improper nutrient management and many other factors can threaten a farmer’s operations. But these challenges can also create opportunities to grow corn more efficiently.

Outstanding performance of Revysol®solutions against key diseases in corn


Revysol® performance

Untreated control

In the US, Veltyma® fungicide – featuring Revysol® – provides faster curative and secure residual performance across a broader application window to provide better disease control, proven plant health, and the strongest yield response in corn. It shows outstanding performance against corn’s major fungal perils such as gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, Southern corn leaf blight, Phaeosphaeria leaf spot and rusts.

Veltyma® Benefits At A Glance

  • Swift Action: Fast curative activity and leaf penetration
  • Simple Solution: Earlier and more flexible application window and multi crop performance
  • Secure Protection: Residual protection for broader, stronger and longer disease control

Revysol® sets a new standard for residual control in corn

As if superior disease control wasn’t enough for Veltyma® to be the product of choice for any corn farmer, Veltyma® raises the bar by providing an unrivaled benefit to protect the crop longer than any other product on the US-market.

Thanks to the reliable, long-lasting performance of Veltyma® in all weather conditions, crops and investments are secured at application and way beyond, safeguarding the harvest against late disease pressure and avoiding follow-up sprays.

The quality of both wine and table grapes is equally important. Features such as sugar content, acids and flavor are of utmost importance to both farmers and consumers. Factors affecting the quality of grapes include climatic conditions, soil quality, as well as breeding and selection of varieties according to the growing conditions.

Everything that is invested and done in the vineyard influences the final product. We at BASF know that there can be no compromise on quality and that crop protection is a key factor.

BASF offers grape growers a range of highly effective fungicides in which Revysol® will play an integral role in the future. Revysol® is a new superior tool for disease management. It delivers a level of powdery mildew control that exceeds what has been observed with triazole market standards. Revysol® is an essential tool for resistance management in grapes.

In addition, Revysol® provides very good control of black rot. 

Revysol® performance against powdery mildew
Untreated control

Revysol® was designed to meet high regulatory requirements. This compound ensures excellent miscibility and provides good crop selectivity. Revysol® and its related product brands will be available to grape growers from 2020 growing season onwards depending on the region.

In modern fruit production the efficient control of diseases is needed to ensure high yields and quality production to maintain a profitable business for the growers. To obtain high quality fruits which meet the highest market standards generally requires laborious and intense practices. One of the most important components in fruit production is the effective control of key pathogens.

Failures in crop production like poor application timings, incorrect product and equipment selection can lead to irreversible yield and quality losses. Therefore, it is key to choose the best products for successful fruit production.

Within BASF`s portfolio, farmers can find many innovative and flexible solutions targeting multiple issues. Soon BASF`s offer will be enriched by Revysol®.

Revysol® is a result of many years of research and scientific expertise. This advanced fungicide will help to maximize yield by offering outstanding control of key pathogens such as scab, Alternaria blotch, powdery mildew and Monilinia spp. among others.

Through multiple trials Revysol® has proven exceptional biological performance demonstrating both preventive and curative activities. Revysol® is characterized by a favorable regulatory profile and displays excellent crop safety.

Revysol® is a superior and reliable solution which optimizes fruit production.

Revysol® performance against apple scab
Untreated control

Rice is an important staple food crop, playing a critical role in ensuring food security and alleviating poverty. In 2018, farmers grew rice on 160 million hectares (ha) worldwide, producing 486 million tons of milled rice. Nearly 90% of this production came from Asia.

Outstanding performance against sheath blight

Rice farmers lose in average 37 percent of their yield every year due to pests and diseases. Sheath blight and blast are the most economically significant diseases affecting the rice production worldwide. In recent years, sheath blight has increased in its importance especially in intensified production systems. Revysol® is highly active against sheath blight securing yield and maximizing income.

Superior performance under preventative and curative conditions

Application timing is critical for optimal control of sheath blight. Ideally the disease should be monitored periodically for making successful disease management decision, which means, product applications as close as possible to the onset of disease. Most fungicides need to be applied before the disease occurs to be effective. Revysol® has arrived to give farmers more flexibility of their fungicide applications. Due to its preventative (no visible symptoms) and curative (first symptoms visible) properties, Revysol® can help to prevent the crop from severe damage even when sprayed at the beginning of infection.

Superb long-lasting activity

Numerous applications might incur in substantial economic losses. A fungicide with a feature to protect the crop for a long period of time is highly appreciated by farmers. With Revysol®, rice farmers can maximize the return on investment due to its excellent long-lasting activity.

Soybeans are a valuable source of oil and protein and thus a significant component in human and animal nutrition. In 2017, the global planted area of soybeans reached approximately 125 million hectares (ha), producing in total over 330 million metric tons of soybeans – and the trend is rising.

The Americas are by far the largest producer, accounting for almost 90 percent of global soy production. Every year, American soybean farmers face significant yield losses due to diseases which not only cause a decrease in the quantity of the produced grain, but also on its quality. In the United States, responsible for more than 40 percent of soybean production, frogeye leaf spot and target spot are among the most important soybean diseases, accounting for 30 percent of reported yield losses.

Strong and long-lasting activity

In row crops, Revysol®'s strong and long-lasting activity has been well documented in soybeans over the last years. Products based on its unique mode of action protect soybeans from drought, hail, frost, heat and disease.

In the US, Revytek® is the only premium fungicide pre-mix containing Revysol®. It is a perfect fit for soybean farmers who are proactively managing their operations.

Feedback from the markets


Revysol® Performance Trials

Aarhus University, DK, 2020

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