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Revysol® is an innovative fungicidal active ingredient for crop protection from the triazole group. Unlike conventional azoles in the market, Revysol® is the first Isopropanol-Azole, a unique chemistry discovered and developed by BASF combining an outstanding performance with a favorable regulatory profile and selectivity.

Triazole fungicides are the backbone of disease control strategies and essential for resistance management. Each triazole acts slightly different in inhibiting the sterol synthesis, and their activity spectrum varies significantly. Farmers need a diversity of product solutions for mixing or alternating modes of action. Due to its outstanding performance and unique chemical properties, Revysol® will play a crucial role in crop protection.

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Revysol® – Outstanding Benefits

  • Maximized yield, quality and profit
  • One solution for the farm
  • Easy planning

Best foundation for farmers‘ income and optimized farm management

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BASF established an innovative screening approach. Already at the discovery phase, Revysol® was designed to meet the highest level of regulatory standards, an impressive selectivity and an outstanding biological performance. Revysol® was optimized on more than 40 crops and 80 diseases.


Flexibility leads to outstanding performance
Revysol® is the first Isopropanol-Azole in the market. Its unique chemical constellation allows the molecule to assume different conformations easily and to be extremely flexible. Revysol® binds to the target site e.g. Septoria tritici up to 100 times more powerfully than conventional triazole fungicides, also where target site mutations have developed. This outstanding flexibility leads to Revysol outstanding benefits.


Farmer and BASF employee discussing a crop

Farmers need product diversity for mixing or alternating mode of actions. Due to its strong performance Revysol® will play a crucial role in future resistance management. With Revysol®, BASF offers growers a highly effective tool to help them better protect their crops, manage resistances and increase their yield in a sustainable way.


Insights on Revysol® – mode of action and development process


How Revysol® works

Synthesis and Molecule Optimization.png

Synthesis & Molecule Optimization

Experimental Screening.png

Experimental Screening

Formulation Development.png

Formulation Development

Formulation Property Optimization Laboratory.png

Formulation Property Optimization in the Laboratory

Formulation Property Optimization Greenhouse.png

Formulation Property Optimization in the Greenhouse

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