Luximo® Active Herbicide: Novel Mode of Action for Pre-emergent Weed Control in Cereals

Luximo active herbicide is a remarkable, breakthrough residual herbicide at the heart of complete grass weed management programs. When used for pre-emergent weed control, Luximo inhibits the cell membrane processes, disrupting germination in the grass weed seedlings, and they quickly become unable to survive and grow. Luximo provides the foundation for effective control of cool season grass weeds in wheat and a range of cereal crops. Its active ingredient, cinmethylin, delivers a strong performance against a broad range of grasses and outperforms the current market standards for blackgrass and ryegrass control.

Key Features and Benefits of Luximo®

A video about Luximo herbicide and its mode of action.


  • New class of chemistry
  • High control of annual ryegrass
  • Up to 12 weeks of residual control
  • Flexible recropping intervals



  • No established weed resistance
  • Increased yield potential
  • Cleaner fields
  • Increased rotational flexibility

Mode of Action

Luximo is within a class of chemistry known as the benzyl ethers (Group 30T), the first new mode of action classification update since 1985. By uniquely targeting the enzyme family fatty acid thioesterase (FAT), Luximo herbicide irreversibly inhibits vital cell membrane processes. Emerging plant tissue is adversely impacted, disrupting germination and grass weed emergence. Capable of controlling grasses that have developed resistance to other modes of action, Luximo is an essential complement to any weed management and crop protection program. 

Luximo at-a-glance