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Growers need to optimize uptake of nutrients in crops and reduce nitrogen loss all while facing economic pressures, scarce resources and increasing government regulations. Nitrogen stabilizers help to ensure that nitrogen is available to the crops when they need it most. This makes improved yields possible and gives growers a powerful way to protect their investments and the environment. 

Nitrogen stabilizers can help growers improve flexibility and efficiency with their fertilizer programs so they can better protect their investments. BASF offers two different types of nitrogen stabilizers – urease inhibitors (Limus® Care for urea and Limus® Perform for UAN) and nitrification inhibitors (Vibelsol® and Vizura®).

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Nitrogen losses have to be avoided to ensure sufficient nitrogen is available to satisfy the needs of the growing plants.

Limus® is a very effective solution for the reduction of ammonia losses and for increasing nitrogen uptake by plants from urea containing fertilizers. This novel multi-patented urease inhibitor reduces nitrogen losses for volatilization of urea fertilizers, protects urea and keeps nitrogen available during critical crop growth stages.


The uniqueness of Limus® depends on the combination of two active ingredients with a synergistic effect – NBPT and NPPT. The two active ingredients in Limus® block the urease enzymes that are responsible for the conversion of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide. This enables Limus® to deliver optimal nitrogen availability for more consistent yields and proves to reduce nitrogen loss by as much as 98 percent. In comparison to products with only one active ingredient, Limus® shows better effectiveness.

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Benefits of Limus® — Urease Inhibitor

  • Provides higher efficiency and flexibility in growers’ nitrogen-management programs
  • Reduces ammonia emissions from urea-based fertilizers
  • Formulation’s stability and urea protection provide a longer storage time and greater transportation flexibility under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Added protection from volatilization loss means improved nitrogen application flexibility
  • Unique mode of action from use of two active ingredients prevents urea hydrolysis and reduces ammonia formation

As a necessary part of proteins, enzymes, vitamins and organic bases, nitrogen is one of the most important plant nutrients, and is considered to be the motor of growth. When the target is maximum crop yield or high crop quality, nitrogen plays a decisive role in farming success.

Vibelsol® is a nitrification inhibitor added to fertilizers that protects nitrogen against losses due to nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. The addition of Vibelsol® to ammonium nitrogen-based fertilizers slows down the conversion rate of ammonium to nitrate considerably due to the active ingredient DMPP. As a result, more nitrogen is available for the plants. This results in higher yields and better quality of the harvested crops.


Vibelsol® offers real added value for the mineral fertilizer industry, suppliers, and farmers while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

Benefits of Vibelsol® — Nitrification Inhibitor

  • For farmers, economic benefits in the form of higher yields and better-quality labor-related advantages
  • Numerous benefits to the environment, including reduced nitrate leaching and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • High storage stability of fertilizers treated with Vibelsol®
  • When added to mineral fertilizers, on average, reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 50%
  • Can be added to fertilizers in several different ways thanks to its special ready-to-use formulation

Liquid manure and biogas digestate are valuable complex fertilizers. The available nitrogen needs to be taken up and used by plants as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is important to prevent the loss of nutrients associated with fertilization.

Vizura® is a nitrification inhibitor that upgrades liquid manure from livestock and biogas plants to safeguard nitrogen against losses from nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. The active ingredient, DMPP, stabilizes the ammonium nitrogen for a certain time in the soil, reducing nitrogen losses and making it available to the plants when they need it. This is valuable for both the farmers and the environment.

Vizura® allows earlier slurry application which ensures optimum soil conditions helping growers to simplify farm operations. Using Vizura® can lead to higher yields and reduce the need for additional mineral fertilizer application.

Benefits of Vizura® — Nitrification Inhibitor​

  • BASF active ingredient, DMPP, keeps the level of ammonium stable for a longer time
  • Makes nitrogen available when needed by the crop​
  • Enhances the reliability of liquid manure, resulting in yield increases of up to 7 percent​
  • Allows for application at earlier stages, reducing working peaks and risk of soil compaction
  • Offers potential savings from reduced mineral fertilizer application, which increases the nitrogen use efficiency

Services: Partners in Growth

As a close partner of the fertilizer industry, suppliers, and the agriculture sector, BASF addresses global change and the needs of the industry and sets standards time and time again. Comprehensive, in-depth expertise from different sectors, including application technology, guarantees that the special needs of customers are fulfilled to a high degree. 


In addition to developing and supplying innovative technologies to optimize nitrogen use efficiency, by choosing BASF, you are choosing to be part of:

  • A high performing portfolio and innovation pipeline​
  • Customer service to ensure smooth operations and clear agronomic positioning​
  • Compatibility and storage stability tests with customer specific fertilizer samples that can be performed to determine the optimum application rate and storage conditions​
  • Deep knowledge and broad access to key agricultural markets
  • Brand alliance partnership and marketing material​s
  • New business and partnership models​
  • Access to solutions beyond nitrogen stabilizers as part of the BASF network

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