Limus® Urease Inhibitor: for Improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Limus® supports optimal nitrogen availability for more consistent yields. Proven to reduce nitrogen loss by as much as 98 percent, Limus® is based on a novel formulation that contains two active ingredients for blocking active sites of soil urease enzymes.

One of the three primary plant nutrients, nitrogen, is the engine of plant growth. It is required in large quantities throughout the growing season for the best plant outcomes. Limus® addresses the challenge for growers in minimizing nitrogen loss to help optimize yields and benefit the environment.

Limus® is a novel multi-patented urease inhibitor with two active ingredients. It reduces nitrogen losses for volatilization of urea fertilizers, protects urea and keeps nitrogen available during critical crop growth stages.  

By containing two active ingredients, Limus® is able to deliver optimal nitrogen availability for more consistent yields and proves to reduce nitrogen loss by as much as 98 percent. 


Limus® Formulation Optimized

Limus® is known as an efficient urease inhibitor for the reduction of nitrogen losses in the form of ammonia. To further optimize the application of Limus® we developed a new and improved generation of formulations, which can, on average, reduce ammonia emissions by 70 percent.

Benefits of Limus® — Urease Inhibitor

  • Provides higher efficiency and flexibility in growers’ nitrogen-management programs
  • Reduces ammonia emissions from urea-based fertilizers
  • Formulation’s stability and urea protection provide a longer storage time and greater transportation flexibility under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Added protection from volatilization loss means improved nitrogen application flexibility
  • Unique mode of action from use of two active ingredients prevents urea hydrolysis and reduces ammonia formation

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Last Update December 9, 2022