The Next Generation Fungicide: Xemium®

Growers worldwide depend on safe and reliable tools for controlling diseases. Highly efficient, innovative fungicides are key for sustainably managing fungal diseases while also ensuring good quality and yields.

Xemium®, BASF's innovative active ingredient, combines two qualities: high intrinsic activity against a broad range of fungi and a unique mobility in the whole plant. This combination makes Xemium® the reliable partner for farmers’ longterm success.


Reliable control 

Xemium® sets a new standard for controlling a broad spectrum of pathogens in many row crops and specialty crops. For farmers this means highly reliable and effective protection for their harvest.


Xemium® combines unique mobility with extraordinarily high intrinsic activity, leading to both long-lasting preventative and curative action. For farmers, this means more flexible spray timing.

Greater yields

Xemium®'s strong and long-lasting control of important fungal pathogens allows undisturbed plant growth to generate more yield. This yield increase effect has been proven by independent scientists.

Higher quality

Xemium®, as a fungicide partner in spray programs, improves produce quality because it effectively controls important primary diseases and also secondary pathogens, e.g. sooty mold in cereals.


  • Unique mobility in the plant
  • Control of a wide range of diseases in many crops
  • State-of-the-art formulations
  • High effectiveness
  • Global registration