AgBalance® - Improving sustainability performance in agriculture

Sustainability is an integral feature of modern farming. It is at the center of a farmer’s daily work and drives improvement efforts on the farm. BASF has developed an assessment tool called AgBalance® that allows farmers to review the sustainability contribution that their current farming operation makes.

AgBalance®  – what is it?

AgBalance® is a proprietary sustainability assessment tool developed by BASF that calculates the sustainability performance of a farming operation. It is the only Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based program in the agricultural industry that enables a customized assessment of risks and opportunities across all three sustainability pillars.

The AgBalance® model calculates the impact of complex farm data and downstream processes on the environment, on economic performance and even on society, giving results and recommendations for individual farm needs. In addition, it can be interrogated to model future scenarios and the best combination of future actions to maximize crop yields, protect health, resources and the environment, and improve efficiency.

How AgBalance® works

The AgBalance® benefits

  • Farmers 

    can assess and measure their operations and can see how small changes can improve the sustainability of their farm. They can share results with downstream customers, demonstrate their commitment to sustainable crop production and provide the necessary evidence to meet increasingly complex sustainability specifications of the food industry.  This enables them to increase sustainability on their farm and realize business opportunities in the food value chain

  • Agricultural input provider BASF 

    wants to increase knowledge about sustainable agriculture and contribute to a fact-based dialogue. We use new insights on sustainable agriculture to guide our R&D and develop new, innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

  • Food processors 

    can demonstrate sustainable improvements in their own production processes and increase the basis for fact-based dialogue with suppliers and retailers.

  • Retailers 

    want to address consumer needs transparently. Assessing their operations thoroughly enables businesses to provide credible information on the sustainability of their products and practices, as well as driving improvements.

  • Consumers and society 

    value transparent and sustainable food production and the identification and spread of best practice.



AgBalance® leaflet


For further information, contact Kerstin Ulrich, our AgBalance® manager