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Confidently control any problem, minimize callbacks and establish longstanding customer relationships with ant control solutions from BASF.

Bed Bugs

Hard to find, persistent, and increasingly pervasive, bed bugs require considerable professional expertise, significant client cooperation and effective chemical solutions to eliminate.


Cockroaches present one of the most significant public health risks, carrying a variety of harmful diseases. BASF offers solutions with a combination of quick control and long-lasting results.


Effective long-term fly control requires an integrated approach that includes identifying threats, locating breeding sites and access points, and employing the right environmental, procedural, mechanical, and chemical tactics.

Livestock Housing Pests

BASF provides a portfolio of research-based pest control products, systems and support to help farm businesses effectively solve their rodent problems.
Prof. Frank Hadley Collins, Dir., Cntr. for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Univ. of Notre Dame

This 2006 photograph depicted a female <i>Aedes aegypti</i> mosquito while she was in the process of acquiring a blood meal from her human host, who in this instance, was actually the biomedical photographer, James Gathany, here at the Centers for Disease Control.  You ll note the feeding apparatus consisting of a sharp, orange-colored  fascicle , which while not feeding, is covered in a soft, pliant sheath called the "labellum , which retracts as the sharp stylets contained within pierce the host's skin surface, as the insect obtains its blood meal. The orange color of the fascicle is due to the red color of the blood as it migrates up the thin, sharp translucent tube.

The first reported epidemics of Dengue (DF) and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) occurred in 1779-1780 in Asia, Africa, and North America.  The near simultaneous occurrence of outbreaks on three continents indicates that these viruses and their mosquito vector have had a worldwide distribution in the tropics for more than 200 years. During most of this time, DF was considered a mild, nonfatal disease of visitors to the tropics. Generally, there were long intervals (10-40 years) between major epidemics, mainly because the introduction of a new serotype in a susceptible population occurred only if viruses and their mosquito vector, primarily the <i>Aedes aegypti</i> mosquito, could survive the slow transport between population centers by sailing vessels.


Successful mosquito control is best achieved by recognition and treatment of breeding sites. A regular program of inspections should be organized so that insect activity is stopped at its very source.


With a solid understanding of rodent behaviour, programs can be planned to keep rat and mouse populations under control throughout the year with the least cost and hassle as well as minimum risk to other wildlife.

Stinging Insects

BASF provides pest management professionals with innovative solutions to control stinging insects.


Termites hold a unique position in the world of professional pest control, inflicting billions of dollars of damage to structures globally.