Protecting Livestock And Crops

BASF not only provides innovative solutions for farmers to maximize yield, our pest control business also helps protect crops and valuable livestock along the entire food chain.


Supporting the production of healthy and affordable food in the face of today’s environmental, regulatory and pest challenges, BASF’s experts are pioneers in the development of rodenticides and insecticides. They have the agricultural knowledge and resources to address the challenges of rural pest control.


BASF offers integrated pest management solutions for a variety of pests including rodent control in poultry farms, stored grain and dairy hygiene. Our portfolio encompasses not only products, but also pest management strategies, education, training, monitoring, prevention and consultancy.

Pest control for all areas of the farm


Animal housing

Insects and rodents harm and stress your poultry and livestock. They can damage or destroy the structure of your facilities. BASF provides an extensive range of rodenticides, insecticides and disinfectants to protect farm buildings and animal housing from pest infestations.


Whatever your pest control needs, use our Country Selector and Product Finder to find BASF representatives and products in your region.


In the field

Protect your hard-earned crops from rodents. BASF products provide smart solutions to protect rice, corn, and many other crops from being damaged or consumed, helping to reduce your crop losses and increase your yields.


Our wide range of formulations control even the most difficult rodent infestations. Use our Product Finder and Country Selector to check availability in your area.


Storage areas

Protect your seed before planting and your crops after harvesting. BASF rural pest control solutions keeps valuable seed stocks and harvests safe from pests.


Our rural pest control experts can help you plan the most effective pest control program and to select the best products to protect your goods and premises. Contact a local team using the Country Selector, to find the BASF representative in your region.