Game Changing Innovation

With cutting edge chemistry and technology, BASF´s Pest Control Solutions business has played a pioneering role in the development of game-changing active ingredients, formulations and innovative new application techniques.  

As consumers demand pest-free environments with reduced use of insecticides, BASF’s international research teams are committed to developing new products that not only meet market needs, but also change the way pest control is done.  


Pioneering history

Over the years, our experts have been responsible for the development of products that have revolutionized the industry: Fendona®, the original alpha-cypermethrin insecticide for professional pest control; the development of second-generation anti-coagulants such as flocoumafen and difenacoum for rodent control; the first use of Bitrex® as a taste deterrent in rodenticides, and the development of pressurized products for Crack & Crevice treatments. Today a new generation of BASF scientists is working on the game-changing innovations for the future, to continue to ensure our customers are at the cutting edge of pest control.  


Termidor® HE

New Termidor® HE High-Efficiency termiticide is an evolutionary step in sustainable termite control. It conserves resources and reduces labor, but provides the same high performance that you have come to rely on from Termidor®. The innovative molecular technology requires 50 % less water and significantly reduces strenuous trenching and rodding time, allowing pest management professionals to improve productivity and lessen environmental impact. If all the termite treatments in the United States were done with Termidor® HE, they would save over 33 million gallons of water in one year, enough to fill 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  


The Crack & Crevice product range

An innovative combination of BASF professional pressurized products, gels and applicators, designed to target discrete doses into small, hard-to-reach areas where pests such as bedbugs and cockroaches live and breed. The range also includes the System III® applicator to optimize flow from compatible pressurized products. Maximizing efficacy through accurate placement and targeting, our crack and crevice range reduces both insecticide use and potential exposure for customers and the environment. It increases productivity, reduces waste, and saves time and money.

The Carifend® System

The Carifend® System is based on insecticidal net technology, specifically designed to protect warehouse-stored tobacco. It is the only insect control system that provides continuous, preventative protection and is the first insecticidal net technology application for stored goods. Carifend® reduces exposure to fumigants and has been proven to be up to 100 % effective in controlling stored tobacco pests. BASF provides an individual, turn-key service for Carifend® including design, manufacture, installation, system monitoring and disposal.  

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