Human Health

Protecting the health of farmers and professional applicators, rural communities and consumers is of utmost importance for us.


To protect the health of farmers and professional applicators, Smart Stewardship activities include training and knowledge transfer, aiming to minimize farmer and operator exposure during handling and use of our products. In addition, we promote and enable accessible and affordable personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as high-tech solutions like easyconnect® Closed Transfer System (CTS) to keep product users safe in their daily work. ​

Rural Communities

For the protection of communities from adverse effects, the adoption of best management practices by farmers and operators are key: examples include the respect of no-spray buffer zones towards residential and drinking water abstraction areas and timely communication of spray operations.​


For consumers, often pesticide residues on crops are of concern. We help our customers to comply with the maximum residue level (MRL) on their produce, an official parameter for assessment of proper use of crop protection products. MRLs are set individually for each crop protection product and each crop and serve as a check that good agricultural practice is being followed. This ensures both protection of human health and the environment.​

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