Farming Stories project: PaSos - Papa Sostenible (Sustainable Potato production)

PaSos - Papa Sostenible (Sustainable Potato production)

Potato is by far the most important Andean crop in Bolivia with an average yield of 7 tons/Ha planted in about 130 thousand hectares. Despite being home of rich genetic resources and traditional knowledge of cultivation for the world’s most important root and tuber crop, poverty and food insecurity are still widespread in the potato production areas of rural Bolivia. Productivity in Bolivia is less than half as compared to Western Europe and North America, mainly due to difficulties with maintaining seed quality, soil health and susceptibility to disease and insect pests



The project was implemented to foster Good Agricultural Practices focusing on farmer safety and environmental protection, as key factors to achieving sustainable potato cultivation. Our expertise in potato production paved the way to successful knowledge transfer to the local communities on how to correctly apply crop protection products and why using Personal Protective Equipment. We looked to jointly establish behaviors that will contribute to farmers’ health and create a sound model of sustainable agriculture that benefits both the environment and the community

Farming Stories project: PaSos - Papa Sostenible (Sustainable Potato production)


We conducted workshops and on-site trainings with local farmers, used tutorial videos and visited the farmers’ families and local community. Standing side by side through the process helped us to better understand the farmers’ needs and encouraged them to learn new things and enhance their capabilities. Using the proper tools and participating in all our trainings and workshops helped to generate a positive community interaction for farmers in the program. With a duration of 2 years and support of distributors and local partners, the project impacted more than 250 farmers and their families



% yield increase for farmer participating on the program



rural communities in Alto Veladero, Santa Ana and Quirusilla


trainings provided to 250+ farmers


PPE-kits handed out


SDG 2 – No Hunger

We provided knowledge on sustainable potato production to local farmers, to increase yield, profitability, and health for the whole community

SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

We provided Personal Protective Equipment and trainings for the correct application of agricultural inputs to protect famer´s health

SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals

We partnered up with Diseagro, Interagro, the local municipalities of Santa Ana and Quirusillas, IBM (Plague Monitoring Program) and APIA, the Association of agrochemicals in Bolivia. For scaling up the project to other communities, we are collaborating with CABI, the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International, for the best expertise and methodologies that ensure knowledge adoption by farmers