Farming Stories

As the challenges of feeding a growing population increase, our role is to help farmers grow healthy, high quality food safely, and protect the land that we all hold in trust for future generations. For BASF, sustainability is a state of mind. It is embedded in everything we do from R&D to manufacturing and is a fundamental focus for collaboration projects to promote sustainable agriculture.


Potatoes and Pepsi-Co

Working with potato smallholders in the highlands of Peru who supply PepsiCo's local potato chip production plant.  
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The Mata Viva® Initiative

Conserving water quality, soil, native vegetation and wildlife in a collaboration with agriculture, business and science.  
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Conservation in Brazil

Collaboration with Cooxupé, the world’s largest coffee co-operative to restore a local forest in Brazil.

Let's Go For Our Country!

A volunteering project from BASF Argentina “Vamos por nuestro país” to combat the disease-carrying 'kissing bug'.  
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Empowering Farmers in India

Collaboration with ADM to help Indian farmers become more profitable.
Mobile Support for Egyptian Farmers

Mobile Support for Egyptian Farmers

A BASF mobile “Agricultural Clinic” serves, supports and educates smallholders in remote areas of Upper Egypt.

The Monarch Butterfly

Halting the decline of the rare Monarch butterfly in the US by increasing milkweed plants on farmland.
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Improving Rice Yields

Collaboration with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute to help farmers increase rice yields.

Auf dem englischen Hof „The Grange" kombiniert Landwirt Andrew Pitts modernen Nahrungsmittelanbau mit dem Schutz der Artenvielfalt. Der landwirtschaftliche Betrieb ist Teil des europäischen Farm Network, einer von BASF initiierten Partnerschaft. Landwirte, Agrar- und Naturschutzexperten teilen ihr Wissen und entwickeln Maßnahmen für eine optimale nachhaltige Landwirtschaft, die auch produktiv ist.
Eine Maßnahme ist das Anlegen von Blühstreifen auf unrentablen Feldflächen. Neben ertragreichen Feldern für die Getreideproduktion, entstehen dadurch neue Lebensräume für Flora und Fauna.
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On the English farm "The Grange", farmer Andrew Pitts brings modern agriculture and the protection of biodiversity together. The farm is supported by the European Farm Network, a BASF partnership with experts for agriculture and nature protection. Farmers as well as experts for agriculture and for nature conservation join their knowhow and create measures for sustainable and productive farming.
One of the measures is the planting of flower strips in unprofitable field areas. Apart from the high yielding fields for cereal production new habitats for wildlife are created.
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Product Stewardship

Taking responsibility for crop protection products from discovery and manufacture to distribution, use, recycling and disposal.
Aerial Applicators

Fly-In Program

Working with US agricultural aviation associations to support safe aerial application of crop protection products.
Man at the On Target Academy

On-Target Academy

Helping farmers achieve the most effective and sustainable weed control possible with education and hands-on training.
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Protecting Brazilian Farmers

Personal protective equipment safeguards farmers in Brazil against risk of exposure.
Quimica na Vida participants

"Quimica na Vida"

The Chemistry in Life project shows school children how to manage risk and prevent accidents with chemicals, poisonous plants and venomous animals.