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What does it take to feed and clothe every person, every day, all over the world? Learn more about how we support to innovate for sustainable agriculture. Here are the stories of the Biggest Job on Earth: Farming.

Bio apples on the trees in the orchard at sunset time, Hungary

Natural Partners: How BASF’s Biologicals Lead to More Sustainable Food Production

Biological crop protection is an important step forward to further support sustainable agriculture – and BASF plays a vital role with its BioSolutions portfolio. Being used as a complementary or an alternative to conventional crop protection products, biologicals not only help farmers meet society’s ever-growing demand of more sustainably grown food, but also enable healthy plants through natural partners, such as beneficial nematodes. Follow us on the journey and learn how biological crop protection works, how BASF is advancing its portfolio and why biologicals are one important tool of many that farmers need to protect their crops.

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Kasey Bamberger, farmer from Ohio, USA

Coming soon: Featured Story on carbon farming

Carbon farming is seen as a new trend in sustainable agriculture and a solution to mitigate climate change by promoting practices that sequester carbon. Kasey Bamberger, a third-generation farmer in Ohio, talks about the US carbon farming craze and the farm’s experiences that promote soil health.


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