If you want to go far, go together

Big challenges require diverse minds and capabilities, which is why AgroStart seeks contributors of all shapes and sizes. The following pioneers inspire and collaborate with AgroStart to play a pivotal role in the future of farming.

Feedback from our start-up partners

Our start-up partners almost always stretch us (in good ways!). The AgroStart offer of mentorship and access to customer, data and pilot resources usually results in a “win-win”:

AgroStart enabled us to quickly adapt our technologies to real-world requirements. This would have been a major challenge without the support of their team and well-structured platform.



Igor Chalfoun

Founder + CEO, tbit

AgroStart helped us accelerate our product development by working hand-in-hand with BASF experts. It is a perfect forum to understand the market, real-life farm problems and how a start-up like us can integrate itself.



Irving Rivera

Co-founder + CEO, Solena

We gained insight from participating in AgroStart that made our solution more user-friendly. And now having BASF as a client gives us instant credibility and helps our company stand out.

Marcos Nascimbem Ferraz

Commercial Director, SmartAgri

We love our alumni

These amazing start-ups participated in AgroStart to craft and deploy powerful digital solutions that improve yields, increase climate resilience and strengthen the farms’ bottom-line.


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