Taking Agriculture’s Greatest Challenges Head On!

There has never been a more challenging or exciting time in agriculture, as the entire food system must evolve to serve farmers and future generations. But Rome wasn’t built in a day; and AgroStart by BASF is focused on finding and scaling partnerships in certain areas. Take a look and get involved.

Parasitic worm

Nematode Detection

Farmers face a critical challenge in crop production, where nematodes threaten their harvests and yield, season after season. AgroStart is currently seeking startups and/or digital solutions that are concentrating efforts to tackle this challenge head on, specifically in the areas of  precise identification, standardization, accelerated sample processing, and the use of satellite imagery for diagnosis.  Are you a startup who can help enable the early, accurate and, ideally, predictive detection of crop stressors, with special attention to nematodes? 

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Open Challenge

We always keep an open mind and ear for big ideas, especially those that reimagine agriculture to the benefit of farmers and future generations. Are you a startup that is already thinking big? We’d love to hear what you have going on and to see how we can help you.

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