Industrial Weed Control

Whether your specific area of need is airport, aquatic, industrial bareground, railroad, roadside or utility, BASF delivers breakthrough solutions to troubling vegetation management problems.  

Dedicated to the reclamation, restoration and revitalization of sensitive land and waterways, BASF has products and people with a proven track record of results you can count on. Our comprehensive portfolio of innovative products includes herbicides, insecticides and spray indicators to help maintain rights of way, keep power lines clear of unwanted brush, control weed growth along airport runways, railways and highways, and protect and restore land and waterways.

Keeping sensitive sites weed-free

Machine for weed control

Safety and productivity requirements often dictate that industrial sites, utility substations, highways, railways and runways be kept completely weed-free. BASF products can provide season-long, bareground weed control with just one application, avoiding the costly cycle of grow-back and re-treats caused by traditional mechanical methods.

Freeing waterways from invasive plants


Millions of dollars are spent each year in an attempt to control invasive aquatic weed species as they threaten thousands of miles of shoreline, wetlands, waterways and other aquatic habitats.

Since 1995, BASF has been working to effectively control floating and emergent weeds in sensitive aquatic environments. Today, we specialize in wetland restoration and reclamation, with programs and products specifically designed to control aquatic weeds and algal growth.

To complement our weed control portfolio, our aquatic colorants and biological treatments help to clarify water features and provide uniform natural looking color, resulting in improved visual appeal of water features.