Forestry & Woodland Management

Foresters need high performance, cost-effective tools to ensure a more productive, profitable forest. The BASF professional forestry portfolio enables faster tree growth, increased timber volume and greater return on investment.

The right tools for effective forest protection

The health and growth of today’s forests can be significantly impacted by disease, invasive species, insect damage and fire-suppression measures. Now, more than ever, our timber resources must be proactively managed for the long term. Whether your goal is to create a more beautiful forest, increase recreation opportunities or generate more income, an effective forestland management strategy can increase the value of your property and build potential returns on your investment.

Weed control

A picture of a forest

Left untreated, herbaceous weeds and low-quality hardwood brush compete for water, sunlight, nutrients and root space, impacting forest survival and growth. The BASF portfolio of professional herbicides enables landowners to control unwanted vegetation, from site preparation throughout the forest life cycle and to help re-establish native wildlife habitats.

Insect control and monitoring

Aus der Familie der Borkenkäfer (Scolytidae) Käferart Buchdrucker (Ips Typographus), Quelle: BASF SEFrom the familiy of bark beetles (Scolytidae) the beetle spruce Ips (Ips Typographus),Quelle: BASF SE

An indispensable component of an integrated system to combat bark and wood nesting beetles, BASF pheromones combine species-specific attractants with a highly-attractive scent. Pheromones lure bark beetles into trapping and monitoring equipment, which is used to assess the threat of infestation in standing trees. BASF also offers effective and proven insecticides for effective control and emergency treatments to combat bark beetles and pine tip moths.

Increase accuracy. Reduce waste

Ensure accurate and effective application of herbicides and insecticides with BASF’s range of spray indicators. Eliminate overlap, prevent skips and pinpoint unwanted drift to reduce wasted product and save time and money.

Innovative new non-liquid technology


Until recently, insecticides in liquid form were the only approved means available to effectively combat insect damage in forestry and timber management.


BASF can now provide the first non-liquid technology to prevent pest problems in harvested timber. A prize-winning development of BASF’s long-lasting, mosquito net technology for forestry, this pioneering new product, Storanet®, represents an entirely new approach to combat beetles that breed in bark and wood.

Storanet® is a high performance net coated with an insecticide, specifically designed for covering or wrapping timber piles. The fibers in the net are treated with an exclusive coating technology developed by BASF that controls the amount of insecticide available on the surface of the net. As a result, Storanet® uses eight times less active ingredient than conventional treatments, still achieving the same level of control. It is quicker to apply and when reused as recommended, can reduce treatment costs by up to 70 % compared to liquid insecticides. It can be used in some conservation areas, where spraying is highly restricted, and can significantly reduce the risk of exposure for operators, as well as the environment.