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On this data transparency website, we offer in the section “Regulatory Information and Studies” access to summarized results of safety studies that we have submitted in the EU regulatory review process for our active substances and that are currently approved for use in crop protection products which BASF sells in the EU (except if subject to third party rights). The summary documents are based on study reports. For those studies that contain active substance safety data and no EU review process is currently pending for that substance, full study reports can be requested for non-commercial purposes via the following request form. It is only possible to request one full study report with one request.


How to request a study:


  1. In the request form below, we ask you to identify the full report of a safety study you are interested in by the so-called BASF Doc-ID number. The BASF Doc-ID can be found in the relevant summary document as shown here.
  2. In addition, please enter the name of the active substance and the subject matter of the safety study.
  3. We will also ask you to provide your name, organization, phone number, postal address and email address on the request form. Further, you will need to read and accept our Terms and Conditions for Access o and Use of Crop Protection Safety Data
  4. Then, you will be sent an automatic reply by e-mail, confirming that your request has been received. Your personal data will be processed by us for the purposes set forth in our Information on data protection for interested parties on crop protection studies
  5. If you submitted a valid request but this is the first time that the study has been requested, it may take up to several weeks before you receive it.
  6. After the safety study report has been prepared (e.g. non-safety related data, confidential business and personal information is blackened) a download link will be sent to you. This download link will remain valid for 7 calendar days.
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