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    Urban & Rural Pest Control Beating insecticide resistance

    Beating the threat of increasing insecticide resistance

    Although malaria is preventable and curable, half the world's population is still at risk and 429,000 people die from the disease every year. Concerted global action and investment by the public health community have already saved millions of lives: cases have fallen by 21% since 2010 and death rates by 29% - nearly 7 million lives, primarily young children, have been saved. However, the issue of growing resistance to public health insecticides could threaten the progress of recent years.

    Interceptor® G2 – breakthrough in innovative malaria control

    November 2016: Exciting new field trial results show that BASF’s innovative long-lasting mosquito net, Interceptor® G2, controls insecticide-resistant mosquitoes effectively. The development marks a significant scientific breakthrough that can meet the challenge of malaria control in areas where conventional nets are failing due to resistance.Interceptor® G2 was developed in partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Innovative Vector Control Consortium. It is based on a novel combination of chlorfenapyr, a new active ingredient for the public health sector, and alpha-cypermethrin. The technical dossier is currently being evaluated by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme. 

    Chlorfenapyr – a new approach

    Mosquito resistance to at least one insecticide used for malaria control has already been identified in 60 malaria-endemic countries. Our public health team is working with the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and international research institutes such as the Innovative Vector Control Consortium, the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, to bring two new resistance management products based on chlorfenapyr, a completely new active ingredient for the public health sector, to the market.

    A new generation of BASF’s Interceptor® mosquito net, called Interceptor® G2, and Sylando® 240SC, an indoor residual spray to coat walls and ceilings of homes, are currently undergoing trials through the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES).

    Mother with child

    Editorial feature on new products

    To mark World Malaria Day, BASF published a new editorial feature that looks at insecticide resistance in public health, talks to leading researchers working on resistance management and previews the two new chlorfenapyr products.

    Download the feature here (column right) or from our publications section.