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    This page gives an overview of selected Crop Protection products and brands. For more information on our full product portfolio in your country, please consult your country pages.

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    82 Results


    Clearfield® Production Systems

    Clearfield® Production Systems help you get the toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds out of your fields and off your mind — protecting your return on investment in comparison to traditionally grown crops. Clearfield Production Systems deliver efficient, long-lasting weed control, crop quality and global market acceptance. From seed to harvest, you’ll have the power to get the most out of every acre.

    The Provisia® Rice System

    The Provisia® Rice System, when used in rotation with the Clearfield® Production System for rice, gives growers more operational control, increasing production options while allowing for rotating different herbicide modes of action to manage red and weedy rice types.

    Altrevin® Fire Ant Bait Insecticide

    When it comes to tree nuts, fire ants can cause significant yield and quality loss. In citrus, fire ants pose a worker safety concern. Altrevin® Fire Ant Bait Insecticide helps protect both crops and labor by providing growers with the fastest way to knock down fire ant populations.

    Armezon® Herbicide

    Armezon® herbicide is a highly flexible postemergence solution that is designed for high-yielding corn growers. As an effective cross-spectrum tank-mix partner, it is tough on broadleaf weeds and grasses to protect yield potential, yet safe on corn.

    Armezon® PRO Herbicide

    Armezon PRO herbicide is the most flexible corn herbicide on the market, delivering more reliable activation.

    Beyond® Herbicide

    Beyond herbicide delivers superior contact and residual control of key grasses and tough broadleaf weeds in wheat, rice, sunflower, lentil, and canola. Beyond herbicide gives crops relief from having to compete for vital resources as part of the Clearfield® Production System.

    Cabrio® EG Fungicide

    Cabrio® EG fungicide is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide with a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten crop yield and quality. Cabrio® is registered for use on more than 70 crops to control over 30 diseases.

    Cadre® Herbicide

    Cadre® herbicide controls over 30 grasses and broadleaf weeds, including nutsedge, pigweed and morningglory. Add in excellent crop safety and a wide window of application, and it is no wonder peanut growers have relied upon Cadre for more than 20 years.

    Caramba® Fungicide

    Caramba® fungicide delivers best-in-class head scab suppression. Delivering premium performance as well as control of late-season foliar diseases, Caramba® fungicide has next-generation active ingredients to help you bring in a healthier, bigger harvest.

    Clarity® Herbicide

    Clarity® herbicide provides economical control of tough broadleaves with early application and residual control. Not only does it control difficult, resistant weeds, but also more than 190 perennial and biannual broadleaf weeds.