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    Farming & Crop Protection Stoneville® Cotton

    Stoneville® Cotton

      A great season is built on a strong resolve and a strong crop. It’s always been that way for growers who’ve mastered the art of growing cotton. When you plant Stoneville, our science delivers early-season vigor, which leads to in-season strength and high yield potential. Combine your art with our science for a strong start — and a big finish.  

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    Benefits of Stoneville
    State-of-the-Art Breeding: Cutting-edge tools and techniques are used to breed regionally relevant characteristics into your cotton varieties.
    Trait Solutions: Cotton varieties with the trait protection you need when pest pressure builds and resistance emerges.
    Ongoing Innovation: Change is constant in agriculture. Traits under development today will meet tomorrow’s agronomic challenges.
    Tailored varieties: The right variety in the right field delivers the right yield. Our varieties provide the performance you need to weather drought and overcome nematode, insect and disease pressure.

      Choose Stoneville Varieties

      You need varieties with strong vigor that reliably deliver high yield and premium quality in a traitpackage with pest management tools tailored to efficiently control your toughest weeds and insects. Stoneville varieties provide the economic advantage you need today.

      For High Yield
      Stoneville varieties are valuable players in Official Variety Trials conducted by land-grant university researchers across the CottonBelt, routinely topping yield charts and profitability studies.

      For Higher Profit
      Growers who plant Stoneville increase their opportunity for profit through high yield potential and high quality.

      For Risk Management
      Growers who plant Stoneville cotton seed have a safety net. The Shared Risk Program offers yield, replant and crop loss protection for economic sustainability.

      For Weed Management and Pest Management
      Essential protection from nematodes and early-season disease and insects is in the bag with COPeO® Prime seed treatment as a base seed treatment. Growers can amp up their early-season protection with the premium package with added benefits of an insecticide with two-modes of action and fungicide to jumpstart your season. Industry-leading worm control is in the Stoneville cottonseed bag with two- and three-geneworm resistance traits.

      Always read and follow label directions.


    Cotton Planting Forecasting

    Growing cotton is an art, but it helps  to have some science to determine when to plant and kick off the season with your FiberMax cotton seed. And once again, BASF brings the science.


      Whether it’s sharing your story or celebrating your achievements, BASF is committed to the success of cotton growers. Check out the resources below to learn what happens when you combine our science with your art.

    Legacy Club™

    When you plant cotton, you also grow Southern pride. That’s why the Legacy Club™ was created for the Delta region, to celebrate hard-earned harvests from outstanding growers.