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    FM 2334GLT Banner Image
    Farming & Crop Protection FM 2334GLT Variety

    FM 2334GLT Variety

      FM 2334GLT is a high-performing variety dryland growers can look to that performs under disease pressure. With a pedigree similar to FM 1830GLT, this variety has slightly longer maturity, is resistant to bacterial blight and has very good tolerance to Verticillium wilt.

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      Variety Advantages

      • Excellent yield potential
      • Outstanding fiber quality
      • High gin turnout
      • Very good Verticillium wilt tolerance
      • Liberty® and glyphosate herbicide tolerant
      • Lepidopteran resistant
    FiberMax FM 2007GTL Variety Geographic Region: Southwest

    Yield Higher

    Growers who plant FiberMax® varieties have one-ton yield potential. More than 800 growers already belong to the FiberMax One Ton Club™.

      Always read and follow label directions.

      *Storm Tolerance Rating Scale: 9 Very Storm-Tolerant, 0 Very Loose.
      Descriptions and values reported are to give a relative comparison among varieties.
      Actual values will be influenced by growing conditions.

      † FM 1830GLT and FM 2334GLT are smaller seed size varieties that offer high gin turnout and strong yield potential. Follow Best Management Practices for seed bed preparation, seeding rate, planting depth, and environmental planting conditions to protect yield potential.